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Smoad For BFSI

The Greener Side

Technology has touched the financial services sector and there’s no going back. Which is a good thing ever since reliable, highly secure connectivity has been in place, organisations and people have been way more comfortable in relying on the online financial services as well as their applications.

There are a few main challenges faced by the Banking Financial Sectors namely the need for a robust branch-office connectivity, a secured network and tracking of ATMs. And speaking of ATMs, setting up one in remote tier 2 and 3 cities have become much easier with SMOAD.

Ensure data security

A secure firewall and any other stringent configuration can be made for securing the traversing data. Crucial data information is always protected with our device.

Real-Time Syncs

Using LTE or the eventual 5G as your primary or secondary link, along with SD-WAN intelligence, the many transactions in banks, online and via ATM are quickly synchronised without any delays. The consistent and secure line makes it all possible.

Connect from anywhere

Access seamless & secure connectivity and management of remote branches & ATMs, using multiple networking technologies for more advanced service delivery.

SMOAD provides a range of solutions including remote connectivity, unbreakable internet, Inbuilt Firewall, Application Prioritization, Aggregation of multiple networks (2 4G SIM cards + 2 Wired Internet connections) Learn More

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