SMOAD Beetle gives you uninterrupted internet, flexibility of location, ease of use, and many more features to help you work from anywhere. Be secure, seamless, wireless with Smoad.

Aggregation of 4G LTE + Broadband

Lets you use both networks at the same time, giving you connectivity, all the time!

Monthly Plans

Pick a monthly subscription plan that suits your needs and don’t worry about internet ever again!
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Without Broadband

Yes! The inbuilt Sim Card with data, allows you, to use the internet without a broadband connection!


Plug & Play

It only takes a few minutes to set up and get going.


5G Ready

We are ready when you are for blazing fast performance.


Inbuilt Firewall & Security

Restrict unauthorized users into your secure network. Set company security policies for all your WFH employees.


Content Filter

Block objectionable websites / images from opening.


Cloud App Prioritization

Divert important Apps / Programs to the network with better bandwidth.
Eg: Microsoft Teams can use your 4G LTE network while Netflix can use broadband.
Everybody is happy!

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