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Enabling remote and secured connectivity

February 26, 2021 | 2 mins

Enabling remote and secured connectivity

Aggregating multiple 4Gs is the way to go!

Work From Home” is the new normal. This means many things from the point of view of a business. It means having a dispersed workforce across various locations around the country. It means taking additional responsibility to provide uninterrupted access to IT systems for the workforce, with a quality close enough to that is available at the physical office. As the workforce is spread outside the office, providing a consistent, uninterrupted connectivity is a challenge, as it depends on external factors beyond a business’ control. Some of the challenges are varying mobile coverage across various telecom providers, network interruption on home broad band connections because of cable cut, too many users or physical damage, etc. While these are valid reasons, it constitutes a high business risk and it is something you cannot ignore.

One fundamental way to mitigate this risk, is to increase the number of available networks at the employees’ home location. The best way to do that is to “aggregate a set of wired and wireless networks”. SMOAD’s Spider and Beetle devices do just that! They aggregate the bandwidth available across multiple broadband and 4G LTE networks, so that the network availability increases exponentially.

Research says that on when one has a single network connection, availability would be around 90% and with two networks it goes up to 99.5%.

SMOAD’s Spider & Beetle aggregate the network bandwidth, providing a highly available network connection, while significantly reducing business risk.

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