Bumble Bee


SMOAD BUMBLEBEE gives you uninterrupted internet, flexibility of location, ease of use, and many more features to help you work from anywhere. Be secure, seamless, wireless with Smoad.

Aggregation of 4G LTEs & wired networks

Lets you use all networks at the same time, giving you seamless internet access

Content Filtering

Block objectionable websites/images from opening


Monthly Plans

Pick a monthly subscription plan
that suits you and don’t worry about connectivity ever again!
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Security & Inbuilt Firewall

The Device comes with an inbuilt Firewall and also provides a Secured Wi-Fi Communication using WPA2-PSK encryption


High-Definition Video and Voice Calls

Lets you make high-definition video and voice call no matter where you are across the country


Uninterrupted Internet access

The device comes with the option of connecting 2 wired networks along with the 1 inbuilt 4G LTE Sim card



SMOAD Bumblebee provides Wi-Fi via 2.4Ghz band as well as regular LAN output, which enables you to connect your phones, laptop and other devices to the internet easily


Local Internet Breakout

SMOAD provides an option to direct network traffic to access cloud-hosted
applications via the internet and not go through the corporate VPN

Enterprise Functionalities

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust Network Access

VPNs enable broad access to sensitive resources for users – as well as for hackers who manage to get in. The Zero Trust model dictates that nothing outside or inside the network perimeter should be granted complete trust.

Secure Web Access

Secure Web Access

Safe and secure internet access via Integrated Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology which sanitizes web downloads and email attachments and as well as safeguarding against malicious websites.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

SMOAD Bumblebee has the ability to run multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) and these can run various network functions, like Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), IoT Edge, etc.

Layer 2 Bridge

Layer 2 Bridge)

SMOAD Bumblebee provides an ability to have a transparent bridge across the internet, connecting the branch locations to the headquarters.

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