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A Healthy Network When It Matters

Medical health professionals deal with saving hundreds of lives on an hourly basis all over the world. The job is as significant as it is exhausting. The sheer responsibility can be overwhelming and medical centres are currently straining under this weight. However, innovative technology has eased certain aspects by ensuring immediate access to life-saving applications and critical information of the patients’ medical records.

The need for a compliant and secure network to keep them connected at all times is absolutely critical. And SMOAD has stepped in to ensure so.

You are in control

Non-stop connectivity is an inexcusable requisite for the healthcare sector and the SMOAD device delivers with its broadband and 4G LTE capabilities. SMOAD offers the best in class network security with built-in firewall, MAC address filtering and blocking. This allows you to control the intrusions from external and internal networks.

Set Your Rules

The device, with its SD-WAN intelligence, gives you the ability to monitor network usage of each department in a healthcare facility as well as their corresponding medical equipment.

Have Eyes Everywhere

Our solutions provide ability to gather information from the medical equipment utilised in ambulances that are enroute with patients. Access to this real time information enables the medical care professionals to be informed on the patient’s vitals and other diagnostics before he/she even reaches the hospital.

SMOAD provides a range of solutions including remote connectivity, unbreakable internet, Inbuilt Firewall, Application Prioritization, Aggregation of multiple networks (2 4G SIM cards + 2 Wired Internet connections) Learn More

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