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Work, Stay And Connect

Hospitality sector has quite a diverse set of structures to maintain. Starting from customers’ data to housekeeping inventories to employee tracking to room availability and what not. If recent years have taught us anything, it is that we always need to be ready for extreme shifts from our usual everyday tasks.

The “new normal” now demands a drastic approach in how the hospitality sector works. The need to keep the customers happy is necessary especially when workation and staycations are right at the top of the to-do list for the people coming out of 2020. Comebacks are inevitable when you rise up to your challenges and adapt a digital route. SMOAD’s digital route has also reduced the cost of connectivity significantly.

Checking-In Anytime

Seamless connectivity keeps you logged in and available. It allows you to manage the huge loads of data that comes with the guest including their stay, changes in time and dates, and the member details. Uploading these updates in real time is important to always make note of changes in schedule. You wouldn’t want to miss out on open schedules.

Living It Large (online)

With workations being the new norm, we make sure there is enough data and speed for the guests as well as the employees. It is crucial for the guests to have a stress-free time at your resort/hotel since that is one of the main things that they strive for on a holiday in the new norm.

Digital Efficiency Is Key

The aforementioned load of data has to be stored, uploaded and updated all in real-time.While a simple mix up can cost you, it is elementary to have a seamless and fast data connection that is of course, needless to say, secure. Online payments and other secure details cannot risk a leak and we make sure to provide a level of safety that is sure to bring you a sigh of relief under your masks.

SMOAD provides a range of solutions including remote connectivity, unbreakable internet, Inbuilt Firewall, Application Prioritization, Aggregation of multiple networks (2 4G SIM cards + 2 Wired Internet connections). Learn More

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