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Keeping It Connected

IT and ITES are the undisputed backbones for a lot of industries. This demanding field works primarily with networks, and applications that have to remain connected at all times.

When connectivity, security and ease of access are the foundations of your own industry, you cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to your network. Advancements in networking technology have made it so that you do not have to worry about such challenges with the right solution.

Always Up

In situations when servers demand a constant uptime and when employees need to remotely assist from their homes, common routers don’t provide the necessary security nor consistent connectivity. SMOAD takes care of this problem for you by aggregating signals from broadband as well as inbuilt SIM cards, ensuring you never lose connectivity.

Complete Control

Businesses also require a centralized WAN and LAN connectivity control and application management. SMOAD solutions provide consistency, speed, security and of course control. The aggregation of LTE and broadband gives you a secure, fool-proof backup.

Easy Setup

The device can be set up in a few minutes! You won’t need an IT team walking in through the windows of your home to configure the device. The device can be pre-configured and sent home just to be plugged-in, while the IT team can remotely control the many technical aspects including device access and traffic usage from wherever they are.

SMOAD provides a range of solutions including remote connectivity, unbreakable internet, Inbuilt Firewall, Application Prioritization, Aggregation of multiple networks (2 4G SIM cards + 2 Wired Internet connections) Learn More

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