Retail Chain Solutions


Secure & Efficient Connectivity

Connect & Manage Multiple Outlets at once!

Retail chains have always been a fast-paced industry making their mark swiftly. However, they are not without challenges. With the growing needs of customers and the need for quick completion of tasks such as inventory checks, supply chain management, CCTV monitoring, etc., there is quite a bit of strain and pressure to keep up.

Efficient and robust connectivity is essential for handling the technological advances a chain would have to make to stay in the race. That’s where SMOAD SD-WAN comes in.

Always Be Billing

When the internet is down in retail outlets, billing becomes an issue since it requires a connection to the central server. With SMOAD, this is no longer a worry as you’re always connected and can bill your clients without any interruptions!

No Blinking

SMOAD devices provide seamless connectivity and enterprise setups like IP PBX for internal communication or Surveillance to manage CCTV data

Branch Out Efficiently

Connect remote branches that previously couldn’t be connected. Since SMOAD aggregates 4G LTE + Broadband, it brings everything closer than before.

Complete Control

Deploy and monitor your store’s network securely from anywhere. The SMOAD Dashboard allows you to manage all branches of your store from a single point.

48 Hour Installation

It doesn’t matter where your business wants to set shop; SMOAD will be there to get your connectivity up in under 48 hours for all your locations.

Fully Managed Service

Manage Multiple Branches and Multiple Networks with just One Vendor! SMOAD will be your central point of contact for all things connectivity!

Did you know?
SMOAD SD-WAN enables virtual leased lines from stores to headquarters for secured access to the point-of-sale system, forming a cost-effective data transport. Learn More

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