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Smoad for Small Offices

Digitalization For All

The digital transformation has touched many industries and more so with the small industries. A fool-proof connectivity with a secure network in place works wonders and can be crucial for the businesses. SMOAD here, does just that.

Organisations with a little less than 20 employees can also look to scale up drastically. The need to plug and play and move things around quickly is a need of the hour.

Easy installation

The plug and play feature is a boon for small offices where time can be an important factor. It is quick, clean and easy to setup your network. You also have the flexibility to choose from a variety of multi-WAN configurations and SD-WAN features through one solution.

Secure and Central Control

Securing your business big or small is important and it cannot be overlooked. You can configure your device in such a way that every device, network traffic and users are monitored and controlled from a central point.

Stay connected VoIP

Internal communication in a small office is critical and the SMOAD device allows for easily deployable VoIP solutions thanks to our inbuilt Virtual Machines. For external use, we are already connected to an ITSP, allowing us to effortlessly enable both international and domestic calls over the internet.

SMOAD provides a range of solutions including remote connectivity, unbreakable internet, Inbuilt Firewall, Application Prioritization, Aggregation of multiple networks (2 4G SIM cards + 2 Wired Internet connections) Learn More

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