Transportation Solutions

Smoad For Transportation

Road Blocks? Maybe. Data Blocks? None.

If your business deals with vehicles on the go, you’re going to have to stay connected. The SMOAD device has been built to drive efficiency for fleets and internet-dependent transportation companies. With SMOAD’s SD-WAN intelligence, it is now easy and efficient to optimise and automate the fastest route by studying traffic patterns in real time.

Monitor Real-Time Data

Technology in the transportation sector is especially crucial when it is deployed in ambulances, firefighting vehicles and MRTs. The consistent connectivity is sometimes the deciding factor in saving lives. Doctors and medical professionals can prep up for treatment before the patient even reaches the hospital.

Logistics On The Road

Inventory management tracked in real time can save a lot of man hours. It also allows for new departures and planning for perishable goods quicker.

Come What May

Our device is designed to stay connected in extreme conditions. So if you’re on the road with your taxi fleet out there in remote regions, rest assured that they will always ping back.

SMOAD deliver reliable and fast Internet by aggregating two 3G/4G SIM cards from various operators for moving vehicles on-the-go. This will ensure better performance and higher reliability with zero-touch installation to connect instantly. Learn More

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