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Sim Based Wifi Router in Bangalore
Sim Based Wifi Router in Chennai

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Sim Based Wifi Router in Chennai
Sim Based Wifi Router in Bangalore


Unleashing the
power of 5G for
seamless and
secure network


5G LTE Router with SIM card Slot in Bangalore

WHAT we offer

SD-WAN on 5G

True Wireless SD-WAN on 5G

True Wireless SD-WAN on 5G


  • Optimised software-defined wireless networking

    Using embedded 5G / 4G LTE modems in edge enables nonstop reliability of WAN across one or more cellular networks.

  • Expand business rapidly

    Set up operations anywhere and go live without waiting for terrestrial connections.

  • Manage mobile offices

    Get agile WAN connectivity for pop-up stores and remote offices.

  • Leveraging 5G

    Primary connection of 5G with fallback to various 4G LTEs.

  • Reliable QoE and enable private LTE

    Enabling secure connections between site to site, site to headquarters’ DC or cloud / SaaS Apps, respectively.

Managed SD-WAN

All-in-one managed service offered as a turnkey SD-WAN solution Interconnecting the distributed offices, hybrid workers, mobile users and cloud workloads securely combined with the last mile transport, including 4G LTE & 5G connection.


  • Comprehensively bundled

    Specifically customised for your unique WAN connectivity needs.

  • Unparalleled scalability

    Reliability, and a superior customer experience, enabling simplified operations and reducing costs with a flat price.

  • In-depth discovery

    Scalable design, turnkey deployment, 24/7 pro-active monitoring and analytics & reporting.

  • End-to-End management

    Last mile connectivity including 4G/5G, SD-WAN core / gateway, and backbone network.

  • All-in-one

    Consolidate from multiple providers to one partner and single invoice for your distributed offices.

Managed SD-WAN

Managed SD-WAN

Smart Edge

SMOAD – Smart Edge

SMOAD – Smart Edge

The Smart Edge is an edge-native, Software-defined edge computing platform that abstracts networking and deployment complexities.


  • Last mile transport

    Accommodate hybrid last mile transport such as DIA, Broadband, 4G LTE’s & 5G connection.

  • Edge computing

    Infrastructural evolution in which the storage and compute resources that power virtual machines for locations geographically closer to the end user (i.e., at the Internet’s edge).

  • Faster & better

    Built-In AP with Dual-band and Wi-Fi 6 support to increase the speed of each device by 40% as compared to standard Wi-Fi routers

  • Truly seamless failover

    All applications, even active voice calls, can stay connected when a
    circuit fails.

  • Zero-Touch provisioning

    “ZTP.” Has the ability to remotely provision a router anywhere in the WAN.

SMOAD – “Office in a Box”

It is an Innovative single box solution for voice, data, and storage for your small offices without the hassles of Investing in multiple service providers.


  • Instant cellular broadband

    Super-fast connectivity using an embedded 5G modem with multi-redundant 4G LTEs for fallback.

  • Wireless-WAN

    Enables Software-defined ‘WAN’ to securely access centralised
    business-critical apps.

  • Data storage

    Built-In NAS enable distributed users to collaborate and access
    data more effectively.

  • Integrated voice

    Allow users to make domestic & global calling using SIP along with telephony features.

  • Firewall

    Standard firewalling like block listing/allow listing of URLs.

Office in a Box

SMOAD – “Office in a Box”



SMOAD – MEMB (Managed Enterprise Mobile Broadband)

True aggregation and bonding of various cellular connections offer high throughput of wireless Internet for remote connectivity.


  • Better internet throughput

    Up to three embedded LTE modems / 5G, offers better Internet throughput connection and transmits data through 5G / 4G services.

  • Data plans

    Pooling data plan.

  • Multiple providers accepted

    Carrier agnostic solution.

  • Antennas

    Built-In high-power gain antennas for cellular connections

  • Ethernet

    Aggregated ethernet output wherein LAN can be extended to the distributed users.

SMOAD – SD-WAN for Road Warriors

SMOAD Soft edge enables mobile users and remote partners to access the centralised business applications on the go securely and allows the IT team to manage and secure those users.


  • SD-WAN tunnel

    SMOAD soft edge in the system enable SD-WAN tunnel, which allows mobile users to securely access business apps from any place geographically, even on the move.

  • Download

    Easy to download and install from the google play store for
    android OS users.

  • Custom routing and Internet breakout

    Enable only the business-critical apps to be routed through the SD-WAN tunnel and offload internet bound traffic via local Internet directly.

  • Remote control

    Allows remote monitoring and manageability.

  • High-Speed access

    Fast access with reduced latency.

Road Warriors

SMOAD – SD-WAN for Road Warriors



4g, 5g LTE Router with Sim Card