Our Story


SMOAD was born out of a need for wireless access to uninterrupted internet connectivity. The Idea sprung up when a major flood hit the southern region of India and disrupted the internet for days due to damaged cable infrastructure.

The first iteration of the product was in 2018 when the founders, Srinivasan and Richard came together to develop a router that could aggregate multiple connections (Broadband and 4G LTEs) using Software defined Solutions. In the following months, this evolved into an edge router with Micro Service Capabilities using SD-WAN Technology.

Our first Product was deployed in June 2018 and we have been growing ever since.

Our Goals


“SMOAD connects the impossible with more through wireless aggregated networks. It unleashes the power of LTE and 5G to transform today’s network into a more agile, resilient, and sustainable edge solution at lower operating cost for edge services”

– Sri Sampath


SMOAD is committed to creating innovative, cost-effective solutions to provide seamless edge connectivity solutions. We always strive hard to exceed our customer expectations and deliver forward-thinking products and solutions.

-Richard Lander

Our Team

Sri Sampath CEO and Co-Founder

Sri is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and has been successfully running a boutique telecom company for over 12 years.

Richard Lander Technology Advisor

Richard has a lifetime of major achievements, producing new technology products in Finance, Healthcare and Communication Systems.

Kiran Kankipati Chief Technology Officer

Kiran, an open-source evangelist & life mentor has over 20 years of experience in Datacom, R&D, Product Architecture/Development, WAN Optimization, etc.

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