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May 3, 2023

Challenges of SD-WAN deployment and how to overcome them

SD-WAN is a networking solution that uses SDN principles to optimise and manage the performance of WAN. This platform simplifies connectivity and ensures the security of data transferred. Now that the functionality of SD-WAN solutions can be modified based on business requirements, most enterprises are adopting SD-WAN as their primary connectivity solution. To make the best use of SD-WAN and its functionalities, you must know and understand better the selection criteria, challenges faced during installation, and configuration.

SD-WAN Technology working principle
SD-WAN is a series of encrypted tunnels that are responsible for connection across locations. SD-WAN solutions transmit data across the network by downloading the required settings and regulations being pre-configured by network administrators. Unlike the traditional WAN, SD-WAN doesn’t engage in backhauling of traffic to data centres; instead, this networking solution focuses on prioritising traffic and ensuring the allocation of bandwidth for the most important traffic or data.
Benefits of SD-WAN

  1. SD-WAN can adapt and improvise its functionality based on business requirements. From bandwidth efficiency and centralised administration to seamless connectivity and security, SD-WAN offers a range of features to improve business productivity.
  2. SD-WAN is more cost-effective than traditional network options like MPLS.
  3. SD-WAN helps do away with problems like broken connections and latency.
  4. You don’t have to set up new network architectures whenever you set up a new branch office.

SD-WAN for business optimisation
The pandemic gave rise to the remote work culture. Enterprises that adopted SD-WAN not only benefited in terms of productivity and easy management, but they also saved a lot financially. Though startups took time to understand and accommodate this new solution into their architecture, MNCs with multiple locations quickly responded to the shift. With little help from the IT team, enterprises were able to restore secure and seamless connectivity in no time.

You must, therefore, look for an SD-WAN solution that can be optimised based on the growing needs of your business; no one knows what the future has in store for us. You must equip your business with a networking solution that quickly accommodates features and offers quality service without interruption.

SD-WAN can be incorporated into a business with little to no external help. If you have basic knowledge of SD-WAN, you can manage connectivity-related problems by yourself. Hence, choose a solution that is manageable and easy to optimise.

Challenges of SD-WAN Deployment
1) Choosing the right vendor
With so many vendors claiming to be the best, selecting the right SD-WAN solution provider is complicated. Each vendor offers a different solution with different functionality. You must choose a vendor willing to understand your business demands and offer the best solution for your requirement. By choosing the right vendor, you can be assured of obtaining a solution that keeps benefiting your business throughout its lifespan.

2) Enabling Cloud Usage
Multi-cloud dependency is on the rise after the pandemic. Most businesses are adopting cloud-based services, which has given rise to the need for a more flexible, scalable, and secure solution. Matching a solution that offers the same level of flexibility as “user-to-cloud” connectivity can be difficult.

3) Cost Reduction
One of the primary benefits of using SD-WAN solutions is cost-effectiveness. But to make it true, your ROI strategy must be equally effective. If your main aim is to save money, then you need to choose an SD-WAN solution that allows you to choose a more cost-effective internet service for each of your business sites.

4) Management can be complex
Since SD-WAN is on top of different infrastructures, maintenance and upgrading can be complex. But if you choose the right solution provider that offers SD-WAN with a GUI-based centralised control facility, it would be an added advantage.

SD-WAN makes accessibility of network functionalities easy. If your business depends on multi-cloud services, it is even more important to choose an SD-WAN that can easily integrate and manage a considerable workload. If you need help with choosing the right solution, get in touch with our SMOAD team. We have hands-on experience in SD-WAN deployment and management.

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