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February 9, 2022

EDGE router for last-mile connectivity

Connectivity is the key to the sustenance of any enterprise. Be it reaching a home office or remote warehouse locations, there can be no compromise on connectivity and security. Networking has become the lifeline of organizations that have their wings spread far and wide. Earlier, private lines were used to connect headquarters to branch/warehouses but the cost involved as the lines expand became a burden on the exchequer. This is not all when the only line fails, the whole setup comes to a standstill. The enterprises were forced to look for alternate methods to stay connected and save cost, at the same time ensuring data security and assets in a multi-branch environment. The answer to this is Edge Router for last-mile connectivity to remote locations.

The edge router is your one-stop solution for connecting to the internet beyond your WAN. Edge routers accept inbound traffic by securing IP traffic from the server or other routers. The edge router is the gateway to branch routers, they connect between the enterprise network and a branch/home network. Edge can provide business continuity, stability and security, cutting down on the risks of network failure at minimal investment cost.

Feature of Edge routers
1. Network load balancing
2. Link backup for improved network experience
3. Bandwidth utilization of WAN
4. Affordable costing
5. Redundancy
6. Dual SIM option for zero downtime
7. Enforcing packets per second limitations
8. Supports granular access control lists
9. Unicast reverse path forwarding modes available
10. Supports GRE, IP tunnelling, SSH and IPsec

Why do you need Edge Routers?
Remote Access: Employees, irrespective of the location can access the network to complete their job without any hiccups. With zero issues on bandwidth stretching, the employees complete their job on time.

Security: The IP traffic is secured as it flows into the network. It acts as the first line of defence by mitigating malicious attacks and taking the role of edge firewall. The enterprise network is protected using perimeter security services to keep away intrusions.

Quality of Service (QoS): Traffic bottlenecks are common when bandwidth is compromised. In edge routers, the QoS strategy helps in managing the data flow through queuing of data.

Trustworthy: Single point access for multiple devices can be disastrous. Edge routers create data pipelines for fast and reliable movement.

Sharing a case study
SMOAD Networks believes in providing last-mile connectivity to businesses in remote locations. Our recent installation of SMOAD server and multi SIM-based aggregated SMOAD Edge Router has helped our client connect their office and warehouse located 70kms from Hyderabad (India). SMOAD helped connect application servers from vendor offices/warehouses via a secured connection. At the factory, a SMOAD server was installed and at the warehouse, a SMOAD edge router with dual SIM was fixed. To make the line secure, a Secured VLL connectivity was made between the server and the router.

Advantages of SMOAD edge router
Devised using SD-WAN technology, the SMOAD edge router is multifunctional supporting a plethora of features. Aggregation of 4G LTEs and Wired networks gives you the flexibility to use multiple networks simultaneously for uninterrupted internet access. You can filter objectionable websites or images using content filtering, giving you complete control of the content on your Network. Moreover, we offer flexible monthly subscription plans to meet your connectivity needs and budget.

When it comes to security, SMOAD never gives in a bit. Our robust security and inbuilt firewall use WPA2-PSK encryption for very secure Wi-Fi connectivity. With SMOAD edge routers making HD video and voice calls across the country is seamless. Similar to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz band, you can connect your phone, laptop and other devices to the internet easily. What more? You can direct network traffic to access cloud-hosted applications through the internet without the need for a corporate VPN. With all this and a host of many more enterprise functionalities, your connectivity is never compromised with SMOAD.

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