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February 15, 2023

Your Business and SD-WAN

The Internet is the key to business survival; you need the right bandwidth to power critical applications, facilitate remote working, and deliver enriched customer experience. You cannot store, share, or manage sensitive data without the appropriate bandwidth. But the question here is, how much bandwidth is enough?

SD-WAN comes with the flexibility of bringing in harmony with different network connections like MPLS circuits, wireless LTE, 5G, and dedicated internet broadband. SD-WAN facilitates channelizing low-priority traffic through cost-effective internet circuits. There are many benefits of SD-WAN, but this functionality of adapting to different network connections helps control IT costs.

SD-WAN relies on software instead of hardware to manage network traffic. The traffic is routed through commercial internet connections like fibre optic, broadband, and LTE.

How SD-WAN helps modern businesses?
SD-WAN is an efficient way to connect business networks. The uses do not stop with remote office communication alone; there is more to it. With SD-WAN, you can run the operations of your business from a central location. Applications like video conferencing, VoIP calling, virtual applications, and streaming media require higher bandwidth and low latency. With SD-WAN, businesses can personalize their applications to meet the traffic flow and optimize network performance.

Secure your business with Software Defined Secure Branch (SDSB). It is SD-WAN loaded with additional security features to give your business much-needed protection from internal and external threats. With SDSB, there is no need to install additional security appliances or firewalls.

Embracing SD-WAN for digital business
Businesses are shifting to the cloud and Software-as-a-service, and this has resulted in more data flowing to and fro between the cloud and your office instead of the traditional movement between headquarters and data centre. Today more devices are connected to the Internet, and these include multiple devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, etc. The Internet of Things has become part of production and service activities. With so many activities involved, the bandwidth demands are stressed. SD-WAN technology brings greater resilience by routing data across the strongest connection at all times.

Introducing SD-WAN into your business
When you choose a service provider, make sure to check the following:

  1. The service provider should offer centralized management tools with dashboard control to streamline your network activities from a centralized location.
  2. Check the service level agreement before signing on the dotted lines. If there are any shortfalls, find out how the service provider is going to fill the gaps.
  3. Find out from the service provider how they are going to use SD-WAN to increase bandwidth and speed. Some companies combine enterprise networking with Gig-speed internet to increase the performance of the network.
  4. Security threats are umpteen; verify if the company offers top-of-the-rack security features to protect your network from threats.

If your business is not ready for a complete transformation, there are no qualms; you can always keep your existing legacy systems like MPLS and add SD-WAN hybrid solutions.

Advantages of using SD-WAN for your business
Centralized management makes it easy to adhere to Quality of Service and protect from security threats. With SD-WAN, data is routed through the best available network conditions. Alternative network connectivity keeps your business up and running all the time. Non-critical applications can be run on low-cost internet connections, and critical applications on premium connections.

SMOAD SD-WAN for your business
SMOAD provides sophisticated SD-WAN connections for growing businesses. SMOAD SD-WAN architecture provides top-of-the-rack secure and flexible network connectivity with the option to connect to different networks like broadband, LTE, private IP, etc., for seamless and downtime-free network connectivity. SMOAD SD-WAN allows businesses to meet the demands as they scale without any interruption. Our time-tested practices help you absorb the technology without many changes to your existing infrastructure.

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