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February 23, 2021

Home wireless network security

The why and the how of enhancing your home wireless network security-Explained.

Security is one of the hallmarks of our existence. The history of humankind is largely shaped by the need for security. This need has travelled with us through the ages and we find ourselves in the need for security more than ever now, when such a large part of our lives has shifted online

The current Global Pandemic crisis has also put us in a situation where we have been locked down in our homes for large lengths of time. Almost every home has functioned and survived thanks to the internet.

More often than not, the internet at home is used over a wireless network. We buy a wireless broadband router and install it as our work from home solution, once and for all. We password protect the connection. Then we completely forget about it. The reality that we do not face here is how vulnerable our network really is

Data breaches, data theft, ransomware attacks, man in the middle attacks, network sniffing…. There is an endless list of dangers your wireless home network can face. Many of us might have just come across these terms without even realizing what they actually can do to the security of our networks. Attacks on your network can take place for a number of reasons too. You don’t necessarily need to be in possession of national secrets for your network to be attacked! One cannot really explain the motive behind malicious attacks but it can happen to anybody without a
secure network.

Moving on to how you can actually enhance your home wireless network security and enjoy hassle free work from home solutions, there are many simple things you can do. Change the Wi-Fi network name to something other than default name of your SSID. This can make it harder to crack.

This is an often repeated no-brainer but bear with me – make your password as strong as possible! Make sure you activate network security encryption. Turn off your wireless network when you are not at home. Locate your wireless router as close to the middle of your home as possible.

A firewall can be of huge help in keeping your network secure. The good news is that you can get a firewall built in with your hardware devices too. The SMOAD Beetle and SMOAD Spider are good examples for wireless broadband routers that come with built in network security features like a firewall to give you enhanced home wireless network security.