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March 23, 2022

Medical professionals and uninterrupted connectivity!

The term 24/7/365 days is synonymous with healthcare even before digital technology came into existence. The drive to provide uninterrupted access to patients has forced medical professionals to embrace technology. The challenges faced by medical professionals are enormous as the healthcare landscape is constantly evolving. Bandwidth intensive applications ranging from IoT devices to digital medical records to image archiving are bogging healthcare centers. Statistics has it that IoT in healthcare will reach $534 billion. With more devices being added, the stress on the network is high.

How to stretch network solutions to meet the demands of medical professionals?
The network challenges have to be addressed to cash in on digitalization. Some of the points to keep in mind to provide uninterrupted connectivity to healthcare professionals are listed below:

    1. System interoperability: Interpreting data from applications are becoming tedious especially with the flooding of real-time data. For efficient transmittal, it is important that the device must have robust network connectivity.
    2. Protecting patient records from a breach: Statistics has it that over 190 million patient records were stolen from 2009 till date. Since patient records are constantly updated, it has become a juicy target for hackers. Apart from personal information, the records contain valuable financial information, which makes the security process challenging and complicated. The penalties for non-compliance to HIPAA are based on the level of negligence and can range from $100 to $50,000 per violation (or per record), with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per year for violations. Moreover, HIPAA standards call for alternative plans to ensure business continuity at any cost.
    3. Internet connectivity is crucial for the healthcare business. Keeping vital devices connected for proper functioning requires a dynamic network. The dawn of telemedicine put extensive pressure on connectivity solutions. Medical professionals connect with patients in remote locations calling for access to records at the earliest. The use of edge solutions can deliver records without any delay as data is made available close to the location and there is no need to go to the cloud every time there is a request. This helps to save on time and resources. Edge is turning out to be the most reliable and resilient solution for connectivity.

Benefits of remote patient monitoring
Healthcare is moving towards touch-free solutions through touchpoints. Medical care comes right to your doorstep instead of patients going to hospitals. Remote patient technology makes this possible, thanks to resilient connectivity solutions. Today smartphones are used to collect and transmit information to a facility or a medical professional. Physiological information is transmitted to the doctor from the sensors connected to the patient.

Remote patient monitoring does not stop with providing treatment solutions but it also helps to plan a diet, fitness schedule and even sleep patterns. Wearable devices make this a possibility that enables doctors to assess the condition of the patients.

Whether it is Telemedicine or Remote Patient Monitoring, the availability of a steady & secure network and connectivity is crucial. This is where service providers like SMOAD come into the picture.

SMOAD connectivity solutions give your business a head start. Individual networks have become the thing of the past. The use of SMOAD devices can provide solutions to enhance your connectivity and unifies your network. All fixed lines, mobile, IoT and vehicles on the move can be connected to a single WAN for better control and security.

SMOAD Wireless solutions help connect remote locations by aggregating multiple networks from 4G LTEs, even without wired broadband. Sophisticated firewall protection, MAC address filtering and enabling content filtering options can ensure objectionable content do not enter your network. Centralized control gives you visibility of your entire network.

Network failures cannot hinder your business continuity as the devices are up and running with aggregation of 4G LTE and broadband services from multiple providers. So even if one network goes down, the other will help provide uninterrupted connectivity. Connect to pre-configured SMOAD SD-WAN routers to bring internet to remote locations securely.

Get, set, go!