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June 28, 2023

Managed SD-WAN for Branch Offices and Remote Workers

Today, software services are delivered by SaaS providers or the cloud, where customers connect to the company’s data centre for functionality, and cloud technology has made user access easier. Backhauling traffic from the HQ to the local office and back leads to latency resulting in poor performance. Managed SD-WAN is an automated, controlled, virtual WAN infrastructure delivered by a managed service provider where the end requirements are outsourced. Some managed SD-WAN requirements include web-based reporting, traffic routing, automation, SLA, support, NOC monitoring and configuration.

SD-WAN technology has gained importance with the increase in remote working environments. As the name suggests, SD-WAN is a paid service provider that offers to install and deliver connectivity and services. Some of the services include software maintenance and monitoring. Managed SD-WAN can be used to offer additional services like enhanced security. These services come with a minimum service level guarantee SLA.

SD-WAN architecture can replace traditional WAN routers as it supports the latest transport technologies like MPLS, cellular networks and the internet. Moreover, it enables load sharing across WANs for quick data transfer. Managed SD-WAN are application-aware, where it can select the best route based on your business requirement. Using this approach, MSPs can control traffic in diverse network environments. Conventional branch routers can be replaced with virtualised appliance-based software. The data packets are transmitted through efficient and secure lines.

Tools and services

  • The customer premises equipment or CPE is the IT and telecom assets of each customer’s facilities branch. Managed SD-WAN solutions reduce or remove the process of searching, measuring and responding to outside-the-range network behaviour by enhancing user experience.
  • On-premises IT and telecom facilities are managed remotely without manual intervention through CPE WAN Management Protocol. It supports diverse capabilities like performance, status, automated configuration and software module management.
  • Top ISPs like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google receive and send long-distance traffic using SD-WAN software. Moreover, managed SD-WAN enables customers to create automated connectivity across global sites.

Managing SD-WAN infrastructure
SD-WAN support is crucial for organisations with one or more remote offices. It helps to cut down on recurring network expenses and provides visibility and network-wide data control. SD-WAN infrastructure helps in efficient network management when compared with traditional WAN support. Managed SD-WAN supports the following capabilities:

  • Incorporating real-time changes across sites with a single template policy is easy with SD-WAN. It helps in 100 per cent centralised management.
  • Web-based consoles simplify provisioning assignments and network routing. IT staff can now save time and effort while aligning network configurations and detecting network changes.
  • Pre-configuring and creating dynamic responses to varied traffic conditions is automated using SD-WAN.
  • Application-specific and performance-oriented policy routes can be simplified with SD-WAN.
  • With advanced managed SD-WAN comes centralised coordination and automation. The dashboard provides visibility of the application performance.
  • SD-WAN can create a secured communication network within minutes, making it faster to expand your business.
  • Forget about dedicated internet leased lines with SLAs. Now private WAN is used to connect to branch and remote offices securely.
  • Operations can be streamlined at Network Operations Centre (NOC). Now IT administrators can monitor, identify and resolve problems at less cost.

Managed SD-WAN technology has enabled connect-from-anywhere communications. SD-WAN increases reliability, manageable connectivity, and centralised coordination, helping to realise your global goals. SMOAD SD-WAN provides centralised control over networks.

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