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July 6, 2023

Managed SD-WAN vs In-House Deployment

Companies of all sizes embrace Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions for WAN infrastructure to accelerate their business needs and venture into cloud computing and digitalisation. SD-WAN can improve the WAN network’s potential by increasing critical applications’ operation. The connectivity between the branch/remote and data centre can be enhanced. Enriched end-user experience through uninterrupted network operations is a plus of SD-WAN solutions. Organisations can choose between two approaches – Managed SD-WAN and In-house deployment. Before concluding which approach is the best, let us first understand the two approaches.

In-house Deployment
This approach is suitable for large-scale enterprises with a centralised IT department. Large enterprises have excellent networking knowledge and the time and resources to understand and implement SD-WAN into their company’s network. They choose the right applications, software and configurations for using SD-WAN. Moreover, they customise the solutions to address the needs of their enterprise. Post-deployment, the IT department will allot time for management and troubleshooting without involving a service provider. In-house deployments are ideal for those CAPEX budgets with the money to invest in hardware and software. It requires large-scale investment in time, workforce and money.

Managed SD-WAN
It is suitable for businesses that need help to afford a full-fledged IT department yet want to drive IT value. The business engages an MSP to position and manage SD-WAN solutions, helping them focus on their core business activities. The MSP handles the design, configuration and deployment of SD-WAN, adding value to your business. Managed SD-WAN is ideal for businesses willing to work with outsourced MSP.

In-house deployment Vs. Managed SD-WAN
In-house deployment is suitable only for large enterprises with the resources to invest in a large technical team to handle SD-WAN deployment, configuration and monitoring. The company is responsible for maintaining the equipment, software and connections.

On the contrary, in managed SD-WAN, organisations can save time and reduce overheads. Now your IT staff can invest more time in the value-addition of your business. The managed solutions suit small companies who want to transition into SD-WAN.

Advantages of In-house deployment
This model cannot be discarded totally as an expensive proportion; it can help large organisations in several ways:

  1. Large enterprises already have a full-fledged IT department; hence, deploying and configuring SD-WAN does not add to the expenses. With years of experience in the company, they understand connectivity and security issues better.
  2. Each organisation is unique in its requirements. The industries are varied, including financial, healthcare, hospitality, retail, etc. Only an insider will understand the complex needs of the organisation.
  3. A lot of the organisation’s sensitive data is at stake. The business cannot wait until help is around the corner. Effective steps have to be taken to protect valuable information.
  4. The responsibility of additional configuration still rests with the companies, and they cannot look up to service providers.

Advantages of Managed SD-WAN
This model gives you the advantage of expert services offering your organisation only the best solutions.

  1. SMEs often need to be equipped with resources to handle SD-WAN deployment and management. Help from outside can help them compete globally.
  2. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is an independent routing technique. It is expensive, and small organisations need help to afford it. It is best to move to manage SD-WAN to satisfy their bandwidth demands.
  3. Equipment and workforce can stress SMEs; managed SD-WAN can take the pressure off your back.
  4. Now, businesses can use a spectrum of broadband connections without spending a fortune. Consolidated billing on bundle connections is available.
  5. Connecting to public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service is easy with managed SD-WAN.

Based on your organisation’s demand, choosing the right SD-WAN solutions can take your business to the next level.

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