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November 16, 2022

What Industry Experts Have to Say About SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is equally lauded by industry experts alike. They all agree that it is futuristic and cannot be ignored if you want to take your business to the next level. Modern businesses rely on critical cloud applications, and SD-WAN has made this journey smooth and simple. When it comes to directing application delivery, inducing application performance, unified network management, improving business agility, and increasing revenue, industry experts have always relied on SD-WAN.

Statistics to prove the worthiness of SD-WAN

  • Gartner estimates that SD-WAN solutions bring 50% savings on OPEX and CAPEX compared to WAN routers. SD-WAN adoption is growing in leaps and bounds, and Gartner recommends piloting SD-WAN solutions for remote offices to compensate for the WAN transportation and equipment expenses.
  • Forester’s Technology Adoption Profile reveals that 90% of network managers are eager to evolve WAN using a Software-defined approach.
  • IDC’s Brad Casemore says that the increase in SD-WAN usage is not only because of cloud services adoption but also due to the data migration from the enterprise branch onto the internet, provisioning, and cutting down the cost of WAN management.

Expert comments on SD-WAN as the future of networking
Gartner’s analyst Andrew is a specialist in emerging network architecture technologies. In his recent blog, he registers that SD-WAN may not counter all the demerits of WAN and does not suit all branch office settings. Still, it is a simplified and affordable network, as many enterprises are unhappy with their existing WANs.

H&R Block IT architect Erik Fritzler in his magazine article, ‘A C-level view of SD-WAN,’ says that SD-WAN is not just restricted to offering cost-saving networking solutions but also offers architectural transformation, thereby cutting down on CAPEX and OPEX expenses based on what solutions are deployed.

A network designer, author, and teacher, Ivan Pepelnjak has been in networks for three decades. He says that SD-WAN has a huge role as it slowly replaces MPLS and VPN networks with encoded transport across the public internet. In SD-WAN, internet access is cheaper when compared to traditional circuits. This replacement of conventional circuits with SD-WAN will be a sure shot at saving costs.

In his article on SD-WAN, Steve Garson suggests that the market is mature enough to understand that SD-WAN cannot exist alone. It is merging with other sophisticated technologies and becoming a larger bundle where SD-WAN merges with security.

In his recent post, an executive at IBM Security, Ben Hendrick, talks about the zero-trust models used in security infrastructures. Speaking of SD-WAN benefits, he says that it offers improved network security.

Roopa Honnachari from Frost & Sullivan explains the benefits of SD-WAN in her article, “The meteoric rise of SD-WAN: what is driving market demand?” She puts it that SD-WAN allows you to use a combination of public and private networks. It helps manage costs by giving enterprises the advantage of optimizing application performance at a lower price with excellent control of remote branches. SD-WAN is watched with great interest by verticals like banking, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and financial services.

A veteran in IT affairs and an award-winning journalist Dave Greenfield is working with Cato Networks as a secure networking evangelist. He talks of SD-WAN benefits in his recent post. He says that SD-WAN edge routers increase production by automating application traffic routing with live monitoring of the conditions. SD-WAN embraces zero-touch provisioning to remove the primitive command line interfaces often marred with errors and slow deployments. Modern enterprises have long moved away from legacy networking solutions like MPLS.

In his article, a Principal Research Analyst at Nemertes Research, John Burke, evaluates the present SD-WAN scenario. He clarifies that SD-WAN has redefined a vast area network with server virtualization that has changed how data centres function in a decade.

The reviews of Industry experts on SD-WAN are an eye-opener for enterprises striving to take a bold step towards expansion.