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November 23, 2022

Continue Network Evolution Securely with SD-WAN

The Most Adaptable And Secure Basis For Continuing Network Evolution Is Secure SD-WAN

Organizations are under constant pressure as they expand their operations to remote regions. The need for an adaptable and secure networking solution to make data accessible securely across smart devices and locations is on the rise. The increasing demand for greater performance in a distributed network environment, with easy access to data without compromising security by complying with new regulations, is a more significant challenge for organizations. Businesses build cloud-based applications, sophisticated video and audio solutions, and scalable bandwidth to meet the challenges. All these new technologies expose your business to malicious attacks. SD-WAN is a time-tested solution to combat adaptability and security issues and IT leaders are linking all their resources into one united network.

SD-WAN is the best tool to empower your business processes for better user engagement and innovation. With the rise in connectivity, there is an increased risk of data breaches and loss. Every new device or application can compromise your network. SD-WAN solution is the correct answer to optimize your WAN performance and prioritize security strategies. As the demand for performance increases, the resources are insufficient to meet the challenges. An effective SD-WAN solution can eliminate security threats and keeps up with bandwidth requirements.

It is not uncommon for organizations to create patches of isolated point products. This can lead to complex security architecture as it lacks structured end-to-end protection. To improve the effectiveness of SD-WAN, combine it with automated security tools.

How to improve SD-WAN adaptability and security?
Selecting high-performing WAN connections through which applications are routed is key to improving the user experience. With SD-WAN, resources can be directly mapped, unlike traditional packet routing. The enterprise should understand the genre of the applications, like how to support, prioritize and set policies. This allows the organization to allocate resources in the best possible way to increase productivity at a lower operating cost.

How efficient is WAN?
SD-WAN solutions require continuous optimization. With IT resources already stressed, it is crucial to look for simple configurations to set WAN policies on critical applications, performance needs, security policies, and automation, giving scope to adapt to resource changes and network configurations automatically.

Other features include tracking the granular WAN information route like latency, packet loss, and jitter to choose the suitable and effective path for VoIP, SaaS, and vital business traffic. If the WAN path does not satisfy the policy limits, then the SD-WAN should be able to move to the following suitable link without compromising on application performance. Defining SLAs can be complicated; choose solutions like easy SLA configuration.

The efficiency of SD-WAN does not end with offering extensive connectivity protocols like 3G/4G/5G, VPN, Ethernet, broadband, etc. but also allows you to simultaneously use two connections with an option to load balance traffic across two circuits.

Integrated security solutions
The integrated security solution is not an available default in SD-WAN solutions. At the same time, using traditional security solutions for adaptive and flexible network environments could be complicated. The need of the hour is comprehensive security solutions like NGFW firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and application control solutions. It is also essential to have high-throughput SSL inspection, on-demand VPN connections, web filtering to maintain data confidentiality, and advanced threat protection to fight zero-day threats. A third party should validate and certify the security efficiency to ensure your business possesses the required network security.

Centralized management
For the sake of high-level tracking and management of critical applications, centralized management tools and security solutions must be built into the SD-WAN environment for efficiency and affordability. The centralized monitoring and management give visibility and control, optimizing security and access control. Managing remote and branch offices become easy with SD-WAN.

SD-WAN solutions offer better user experience and improved performance across diverse networks at a lesser cost. Club it with integrated security solutions, and you are ready to scale your business.