SMOAD Networks

November 30, 2022

SD-WAN for enterprise digital transformation

Every business must continuously evolve digitally to stay relevant to market developments and client demands. To be competitive, every business needs to use cloud computing and IoT. Despite these technologies’ benefits, they have also created new difficulties. Because of this, several organisations are now reassessing their networks and evolving them so that requirements concerning technology and business model are satisfied.

It is essential to recognise that digital transitions strain the network infrastructures already in place and may need help to meet the demands of the newest technologies. Networking is a very complex process, but now, with SD-WAN, things have become far more straightforward than they were. SD-WAN is the acronym for Software Defined Wide Area Network. This virtual wide area network ecosystem facilitates several types of WAN transport links like LTE, broadband Internet, and MPLS. Users can connect to applications securely from anywhere, thanks to SD-WAN.

In the present times, a robust SD-WAN network is imperative for every organisation that wants to advance digitally. There are various reasons for SD-WAN being so very important for every enterprise.

  • SD-WAN Facilitates Enterprise Applications on the Cloud
    Earlier, all kinds of end-user application traffic were directed towards data centres, but now the cloud has replaced the destination of data centres. However, many businesses continue to route cloud traffic to data centres, which hampers the performance of the applications. SD-WAN can direct the traffic to the cloud or edge through the local internet breakout, which frees up some of the bandwidth of the MPLS lines.
  • SD-WAN Enables Connectivity from Anywhere
    One of the most significant advantages of SD-WAN is that it gives consumers the option to connect safely from any location. This is extremely important, especially in the post-COVID era, wherein working from home has become the new normal. SD-WAN helps to create a secure connection between the users’ devices and the private networks. With this kind of advantage, businesses can increase productivity while cutting costs.
  • Protection of Data
    Data is an asset for the organisation that should be protected without fail. Every firm must take great care to safeguard its data at the application level. SD-WAN plays a crucial role in protecting data at encryption and VPN levels. Additionally, such a feature helps employees travelling outside the country log into corporate networks without worrying about getting hacked due to unsecured wireless connections.
  • Only SD-WAN Can Help with the Need for Growing Connectivity
    Only SD-WAN can help with the need for growing connectivity. The need for connectivity continues to grow and evolve. SD-WAN can be the best ally in the journey. Not only does it help organisations to save money, but it supports the most flexible infrastructure as well. SD-WAN is extremely user-friendly and can be installed easily. This can replace the MPLS lines and thus reduce the cost by over 80%. The employees and SD-WAN assist the customers in staying connected to the company while travelling.
  • SD-WAN Helps to Cope with the Strain of Cloud-Based Applications
    The popularity of cloud-based applications has led to a massive increase in traffic volumes and various types of traffic across company networks. This, in turn, has put enormous pressure on the existing network bandwidth and design. This is a trend that is here to stay and grow. SD-WAN is capable enough to handle the strain that the popularity of cloud-based applications puts on the public Internet. SD-WAN combines the existing WAN with the public internet connection to address this problem.
  • Traditional Network Design Cannot Match SD-WAN’s Size and Flexibility.
    Traditional network architecture cannot provide the scale and flexibility required for modern businesses to grow and compete. Cloud-based services are expanding quickly beyond the capabilities of conventional networks. SD-WAN is a simple plug-and-play solution that can be implemented without impairing existing connectivity. Additionally, SD-WAN offers strong cyber security features.

As evident, SD-WAN offers many advantages and is necessary for every organisation. This is one of the best solutions that help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and expand the frontiers of their business.