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August 26, 2021

Wi-Fi vs Ethernet: Which Connection is best to use?

Gone are the days of dangling wired technology to connect your computer to the internet. Today technology has embraced wire-free connectivity and this is true for your internet as well.
When a multi-national gaming company wanted to setup a new branch office in Chennai, the first thought that came to the mind of the IT department is whether to opt for Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Almost all the employees use smart devices and connecting to internet and working wirelessly seemed to be the wise option. Does this mean that the Ethernet is no longer an option? The CEO directed the IT team to do some research on both these technologies and get back to him with their findings and also the right solution.

The Ethernet is an age-old technology introduced in 1973 and is used to connect devices via LAN (Local Area Network). Using a router, hub, ethernet cable and crossover cable, data can be transmitted via the network. On the other hand,Wi-Fi was introduced in 1999 to connect devices to the internet without the use of cables and over the years has turned out to be the most popular option among both home/office users.

Ethernet comes with faster data transfer speed and consistency. While there are no hassles of encryption in Ethernet the latency is lower. The dangling cables all over the place can cause inconvenience. Ethernet can help stream high-definition videos and high-resolution games without any snags and the Ethernet port can be used to configure devices individually.

Wi-Fi comes with lower data transfer speed, though multiple devices can be connected leaving it accessible to every nook and corner of your home/office. You can enjoy the convenience of being connected to the internet no matter where you are. Even the Coffee Shop you frequent is capable of offering free internet to customers thanks to this Wi-Fi technology!

Though environmental factors like heavy rain and strong wind can cause signal interruptions, Wi-Fi technology has been improving in leaps and bounds over the recent years. Better speeds, better reliability, better security can all be built into connections these days.

During their research, the IT team also stumbled upon SMOAD, a Networking that helps organizations build high performance networks using their ingenious SDWAN routers, BEETLE and SPIDER. Their research findings clearly showed a pre-configured network router like the SMOAD Beetle or the SMOAD Spider ensures stable connectivity, security and an uptime of 99.95% with aggregation of 4G LTE and broadband.

With these findings they presented the right solution to the CEO and now the choice was very simple; no choice needed! Both SPEED and CONVENEINECE in one!