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January 17, 2024

Quantum Computing & Security in SD-WAN: Future of Network Security

SD-WAN solutions lack built-in security features, making them open to attacks. Unifying WAN with the best security features has been a demand for a long. The advent of Quantum computing and security in SD-WAN is a boon for businesses looking for agility, scalability, reliability, and security. The IT environment has become highly dispersed, leaving it susceptible to threats. The combination of quantum computing and SD-WAN has simplified the deployment, management, and security of WAN infrastructure, moving the data via dynamic routing for cost efficiency.

SD-WAN vulnerabilities
Breaking the traditional boundaries to create a borderless infrastructure, SD-WAN focuses on addressing the demands of agility and mobility. Today, it is hard to define where the network begins and ends. All this has increased the risk of threats, adding to the complexity of the network. With the rise in threats, organisations are becoming aware of advancing technologies like quantum computing.

Protecting the endpoints is a more significant challenge for SD-WAN. The ideal solution at this point is to encrypt data to protect its integrity, so even if the data is compromised, it will be in an unreadable format, making it useless for the hacker. Organisations find it an expensive option to deploy hardware encryption at endpoints. Firewalls can only protect data while at rest. The data becomes exposed to threats while in motion. It is the organisation’s responsibility to protect the data from a range of threats even while it is in transit.

Significance of end-to-end encryption
Encryption should be part of SD-WAN security solutions. The encryption solution should be network transport layer independent, facilitating easy deployment across network layers. Both the main data packets and the metadata have to be secured. When a breach happens, the encrypted data becomes unreadable to the intruder. Encrypting data is useful considering the compliance angle. Data protection regulations like GDPR treat secure breaches differently from unsecured breaches, thereby saving huge fines for the organisation.

How do you choose the right encryption solution?
Remember, not all encryption solutions are equal. SD-WAN aims at protecting data throughout its journey. Hybrid encryption devices like network routers with embedded encryption provide low-assurance data protection. MPLS is expensive, and organisations are moving to SD-WAN due to its affordability and benefits. Modern organisations are moving to multi-layer networks featuring 2,3 and 4 elements. This makes it essential for organisations to look forward to later agnostic encryption wherever possible.

The benefits of SD-WAN services
SD-WAN solutions can be customised to meet your organisation’s security demands. It comes at a reduced WAN cost. SD-WAN can leverage multiple WAN legacy technologies. It offers a mix-and-match approach to adapt to flexible provisions rather than investing in expensive technologies. It is easy to deploy and scale up SD-WAN for your organisation’s needs and not according to the service provider’s needs. So you do not have to wait for the service provider to provide the option. With SD-WAN solutions, you can scale up and down in minutes rather than months without the burden of high deployment costs. Creating a centralised template for governance and compliance. Dynamic routing across the best WAN links based on your business needs. A built-in security provides an environment free of cyber threats and hacking.

How can SMOAD Quantum Secure SD-WAN (QSS) help?
SMOAD QSS is a forward-looking networking solution combining the benefits of SD-WAN with advanced quantum-resistant security measures for robust protection against emerging quantum threats in cybersecurity. It is time to secure your organisation’s network from scrupulous attacks using emerging technologies like QSS. At SMOAD, we deploy and manage SD-WAN solutions without compromising your existing IT offerings. We have years of experience behind us to deliver to our clients an in-depth analysis to protect you from the pitfalls of threats that can damage the reputation of your business. SMOAD gives you a competitive edge by strengthening your network from present and future threats.

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