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January 10, 2024

SD-WAN for Transportation: Improving Operations, Safety, and Passenger Experience

SD-WAN is the ideal alternative to traditional WAN. It is built as a virtualised network overlay to cover multiple domains for IT and OT. Transportation companies have faith in SD-WAN for security, scalability, and functionality. SD-WAN is an apt solution for businesses that have multi-site deployments, like logistics and transportation companies. It provides centralised management, bandwidth optimisation, agility, and cost savings. The access speed of cloud applications is faster with SD-WAN compared to traditional WAN. This helps quickly transition to a cloud-based architecture. With applications embracing the cloud, SD-WAN provides end-to-end security, superior user experience, and reliability.

Why SD-WAN for transportation?
SD-WAN allows your enterprise to evolve without any network limits, and now you can add new voice and video services using the latest security technologies. Now, transiting to SD-WAN can be done without any difficulty. For smart and future-proof connectivity, SD-WAN is an intelligent solution for your transportation business. SD-WAN provides innovative digital transformation for secure and sustainable connectivity. It can be used for improving operations, safety, and passenger experience in bus, rail, air, and sea logistics operations.

Advantages of SD-WAN for transportation

  • Enriching passenger experience
  • Enhanced safety and security for staff, passengers and assets
  • Improved operational efficiency

Moving vehicles requires reliable, secure, and seamless connectivity, and SD-WAN has revolutionised the transportation industry. SD-WAN makes it easier to apply routing policies to various types of applications. It helps to enhance business performance for critical applications. Network administrators can categorise applications and assign traffic routing policies according to their priority. The application category is based on parameters like SLA, traffic delivery mode, WAN priority, and QoS. By customising the traffic, the user experience is enhanced by dynamically directing application traffic via the most viable route.

Apart from an enriched passenger experience, transportation companies can benefit mainly from SD-WAN. It can improve a moving vehicle’s operational efficiency, security, and performance. You can ensure round-the-clock connectivity in your vehicles with dual routers connected to different service providers. Using SMOAD Soft Edge gives moving vehicles the advantage of connecting to the centralised console for quick configuration, troubleshooting, and management of the vehicle.

WiFi has become widespread with quick connection to IoT equipment and passenger devices. The WiFi allows easy expansion of access points with the ability to support the growing demand for Internet in a moving vehicle. With the advent of 5G, increased bandwidth, lower latency, and higher capacity are no longer a distant dream. The SD-WAN provides LTE, broadband, and 5G options, delivering wireless and seamless solutions to your fleet. Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity across devices, giving you boundless reach.

Managing a network is a massive challenge in a moving vehicle, and SD-WAN can combat this. SD-WAN Soft Edge offers higher flexibility and scalability of the network, delivering enhanced user experience by routing business-critical applications through SD-WAN tunnel and offloading internet-bound traffic directly via local Internet. With all the onboard devices connected to the network, it offers improved visibility and control. It helps to optimise the route and driver efficiency, thereby saving fuel expenses and time caused due to traffic delays. Moreover, when the moving vehicle is connected to the centralised console, the in-house team can monitor poor driver behaviour like rash driving, unauthorised stops, and other illegal activities.

The regular data flow from the vehicle to the centralised system can help maintain time and coordinate with the in-house team during any accident or breakdown. The tracking facility in the moving vehicle gives sufficient geolocation data to the insurance company in case of any mishap and claims. Monitoring driver behaviour ensures the safety of the passengers, as immediate action can be taken against the drivers. The emergency communication can be encrypted for security purposes. In case of a link failure, the data can be downloaded using WiFi on arrival at the depot.

SD-WAN does not stop at delivering uninterrupted network connectivity but is also a valuable tool to improve the administrator’s experience. Emerging landscapes like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have the potential to notify the network administrator of traffic woes of critical applications. Moreover, it can identify the threats, and the AI can isolate the ports.

SMOAD SD-WAN solutions offer access to high-speed Internet with remote monitoring and manageability. SD-WAN soft edge is a system-enabled tunnel that facilitates users to access business apps irrespective of geolocation. SMOAD is a critical player in the SD-WAN sector, providing end-to-end connectivity solutions for transportation companies. The routers provide management, monitoring, and network security for passengers and network administrators.

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