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December 20, 2023

SD-WAN Connectivity for Moving Vehicles: Trains, Buses, and Ships

Internet in moving vehicles is a necessity rather than a luxury these days. Internet in trucks, buses, trains, ships, and airplanes is easier said than done. Essential vehicles like police cars and ambulances need the internet for purposes like navigation, messaging, etc. Providing internet in moving vehicles can be done with the help of wireless internet. For this purpose, 4G LTE and 5G are deployed for wide coverage areas, but this is not without its flaws. Interruption in connections due to bad weather, remote locations, etc., can affect the connectivity. The performance of 4G & 5G is unpredictable, and hence, moving vehicles are embracing faster internet, like SD-WAN solutions that can aggregate broadband, 4G LTE, and 5G into a single reliable IP pipe. Let us see how SD-WAN enables connectivity for moving vehicles like trains, buses, and ships.

Features of SD-WAN to enable connectivity in moving vehicles
Multiple SIMs
Aggregating broadband and data is a clever way to improve connectivity. Aggregation of multiple cellular modems from different providers is a safe alternative. Get robust, resilient, and agile connectivity with multiple SIMs. Enjoy uninterrupted video calls and access mission-critical applications with multiple SIMs. Avoid packet loss and high performance with multiple modems.

Zero-touch configuration
The SD-WAN routers are ideal to take the connectivity load in a moving vehicle. With zero-touch configuration, you can connect instantly to the internet to access critical applications. The router connects to the best available network, promising optimal performance at all times.

Centralised management
The single-panel dashboard helps to control all the devices at the click of a button. Now, IT managers can have a comprehensive view of the network and configure and troubleshoot without having to go to different locations.

SD-WAN for ships, yachts, fishing-boats
Connectivity in the maritime industry is the most challenging, yet SD-WAN has revolutionised the operations of passenger and cargo ships. The internet on the ship is slow and expensive, and travellers always complain of poor connectivity on board. But this scenario is changing with the growing appetite for bandwidth. Ships need the internet to stay connected with the ground. SD-WAN solutions are suitable for ships while on the high seas to stay connected. The SD-WAN solutions provide a platform to integrate satellite and 5G networks to manage multiple WAN links for reliable connectivity. It offers scalable connectivity with multiple connections protecting from downtime even in remote locations. The SD-WAN routers are weatherproof to provide powerful communication. It enables security even in demanding situations.

SD-WAN for trains
SD-WAN gives an operational edge to the rail operators and in-train passengers. The 4G LTE/5G has transformed rail operations, taking it to a whole new level with high-speed connection and minimal downtime. The WAN network in the train connects to more LANs in the control centre and to LANs in each coach. It helps to provide connectivity to each of its occupants, providing them with ticketing, travel information, WiFi for the passengers, and IoT maintenance for the rail staff. For this, the carriage must have a router to convert 4G/LTE/5G connectivity to train communications. With SD-WAN routers on board, the train operator can now schedule live rail routes.

In a conventional network, each router has to be individually set up by the administrator, who writes policies to manage the flow of control. This is an elaborate process not devoid of errors, where engineers have to visit the locations in person, making it time-consuming.

The SD-WAN solution has transformed the way business is done in the railways. It separates the management and control process from the network hardware, delivering software for easy remote configuration. It helps in dynamic path selection, allowing automatic and selective routing of traffic.

SD-WAN for buses
Buses struggling with bandwidth, integration, and security issues can find a solution with SD-WAN. SD-WAN solutions for buses come with more bandwidth for each site with collaborative technologies, cutting down on cost and improving security features, making it more visible. With centrally managed firewalls, the buses can have enhanced protection; even if one location is compromised, the IT team can isolate the location from the rest to prevent downtime and perform quick remedial action.

SMOAD SD-WAN is specially designed for road warriors, enabling remote partners and mobile users to manage from a centralised location. It comes with promising features like an SD-WAN tunnel, allowing mobile users to access business apps from any location. It facilitates easy-to-download, custom routing for business-critical apps, remote monitoring and management, and high-speed access.

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