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June 14, 2023

Benefits of Combining SD-WAN and MPTCP for Network Performance

Interconnecting branches in different geographical zones can be expensive for organisations using leased lines. Organisations have moved from conventional leased line services to SD-WAN for flexibility and intelligently organising traffic over multiple paths.

Combining SD-WAN and MPTCP aims to decrease WAN failures and give them the advantage of taking diverse paths. A scalable SD-WAN solution with MPTCP can seamlessly combine multiple WAN paths and adapt to traffic congestion and network failure by providing fast recovery. Servers, laptops, desktops, and mobile have in-built MPTCP support enabling multiple virtual interfaces to allow applications on the end system despite the physical systems connected to the various WAN links. Dividing single application flow into aggregate MPTCP sub-flows, the application is not rejected when the WAN link is congested or at the time of a failure, as only a small part of the MPTCP subflow is affected.

An SD-WAN-MPTCP combination provides quick recovery of the affected MPTCP flow using the available WAN links to reduce the impact of the failure. SD-WAN and MPTCP combination is designed to address the specific requirements of the branch office network to a centralised office over the internet using multiple WAN links.

The aims of SD-WAN and MPTCP combine is

  • To mitigate the impact of application congestion and failure
  • To aggregate WAN links to boost bandwidth
  • To support diverse traffic types like (TCP, MPTCP, and UDP)
  • To maintain fewer gateways for reliability and scalability and reduce software modifications at the system end.

Benefits of MPTCP

  • In comparison with Ethernet channel bonding 802.3ad link aggregation, MPTCP brings performance benefits in a data centre environment. It can connect up to eight ports of the same speed and type. To reach high throughput, MPTCP can balance a single socket through multiple interfaces of different ports and types.
  • It allows multiple network connections for simultaneous use from a single data stream
  • MPTCP benefits residential gateways that can change from aggregated bandwidth to multiple TCP connections. So, when one connection is not available, another can be used. When you are facing low internet speed
  • MPTCP is 5G compatible, allowing network functions like Access Traffic Steering, Splitting, and Switching.
  • It causes fewer issues and is hence highly beneficial. Multipath routing can lead to cross-path data fragmentation. The challenge is seeing only one path of traffic. Activities can be missed out if all the paths cannot be seen.

Benefits of SD-WAN

  • SD-WAN is cheaper when compared to traditional network solutions.
  • It is easier to deploy an SD-WAN as MPLS takes weeks or even months to be deployed
  • With Cloud and mobile devices, the demand for higher bandwidth and intelligent traffic routing to and fro corporate datacenter.
  • Improved WAN agility for maximum flexibility. With multiple transport methods, SD-WAN helps meet the tough demands of the cloud workload.
  • SD-WAN management is simplified with multiple appliances connected as the enterprise demand grows.
  • It has a cloud-based advantage with an integrated security stack and SLA-backed private backbone support.

Combing the benefits of SD-WAN and MPTCP can boost the performance of the enterprise.
SMOAD offers sophisticated SD-WAN solutions with ample security features to increase your business performance.

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