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November 9, 2022

Smart Manufacturing with SD-WAN

Manufacturing units are constantly under pressure to increase production at a lower cost without compromising quality. Smart manufacturing has become the order of the day with industrial IoT and machine communication focusing on robust cloud connectivity that promises quick and continuous data transfer between the cloud applications and the factory. Traditional MPLS networks have been replaced by SD-WAN for intelligent, scalable, and secure cloud connectivity solutions. Read on to find out how SD-WAN has changed the landscape of manufacturing industries in India.

SD-WAN for production efficiency
Cloud applications in real-time can accurately analyze machine performance. It triggers repairs extending the life of the machinery and promoting a hazard-free working environment. Using digitalization, the efficiency of factory production can be streamlined sans downtime. A drop in connection could only mean your revenues are plummeting. This is where SD-WAN plays a prominent role.

SD-WAN offers infrangible cloud connectivity using fibre, DSL, cable, or wireless. At each factory site, edge devices are installed, and the network connectivity between factory sites and the cloud is maintained using a cloud SD-WAN controller. It is easy to add locations to the SD-WAN network so that warehouses, corporate offices, and factory sites can gain secure and agile connectivity for a continuous flow of communication across the factory sites.

SD-WAN can increase productivity and operational efficiency by reducing the risks of downtime. Centralized management helps to access production statistics anytime, anywhere. This gives the floor managers a comprehensive insight into the process and complete control of the situation.

How to boost operational efficiency with SD-WAN connectivity for your manufacturing unit?

  1. Automate order management and scheduling based on product availability for easy visibility and transaction
  2. Smooth supply chain operations ensure that the components and materials for the production lines reach without any delays.
  3. Storage cost of manufactured goods is reduced on the shipping docks due to the collaboration of quality control with shipping.

SD-WAN gives the advantage of monitoring your businesses comprehensively without needing your physical presence all the time. It helps to make instant decisions and collaborate to solve any challenges you must prepare for.

Transforming into a smart factory
Managed SD-WAN: It benefits factories as the focus is on digital factories while spending less on network connectivity. Sophisticated SD-WAN solutions by certified managed service providers make this task simple. The manufacturers can benefit immensely by increasing factory production and eliminating risks and hidden costs using DIY SD-WAN deployments.

Cloud-controlled SD-WAN: This technology promotes remote site operations by saving operating costs. With Cloud-controlled SD-WAN solutions, you can enjoy managed services without worrying about adding or maintaining network connections. As your business expands, new facilities can instantly be added at recent locations from the same network without needing on-premises IT resources.

The SD-WAN solutions can aggregate traffic via a range of low-cost broadband connections by increasing the bandwidth to a particular site when needed without adding to the per megabit cost. The following features can be automated:

  • Identifying and prioritizing application traffic flow
  • Preventing network congestion
  • Providing production continuity despite failover resulting due to unforeseen link outages

Manufacturing is a diversified ecosystem, and the simple goal is to achieve operational efficiency at a reduced cost to balance supply and demand. In this connection, SD-WAN can increase synchronization between assorted public clouds with low latency and light load inter-cloud routing, avoiding dedicated lines. This type of routing is deployed on-demand and on-pay basis.

The ecosystem is different for different businesses, so it is essential to have your security policies. It is here that digitalization and automation become relevant. It is complicated and time-consuming to manually adjust security policies for access requests, as it can only increase the workload. Security concerns can be addressed with the help of default SD-WAN Software-defined security. Depending on the business label and language, the intermediate controller carries out the device operations and translation, thereby redefining your security management efficiently.

Manufacturing units looking for improved productivity and efficient operations of cloud-based applications should consider adopting SD-WAN solutions to achieve their business goals. Concentrate on production while SMOAD takes care of your network solutions.

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