SMOAD Networks

November 30, 2021

Combating modern retail challenges with the latest SD-WAN technology

The landscape of the retail industry is changing into a multi-application environment, with the increase in connected devices making their way into the offline and online space. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other new technologies are transforming the way retail business works. Without robust connectivity to push data to the data center and onto the cloud, sales can plummet. For the next-gen customers, you need next-gen technologies.

Gartner Inc. reports reveal that American retail and financial service organizations embraced SD-WAN into their business very early. With the growth in data traffic, it is crucial to divide and direct it to avoid network congestion. Each retail business has store specific requirements depending on the footfalls, payment mode, connectivity and security features. The use of traditional networking solutions like MPLS, WAN needs expensive updates and it becomes a burden for the growing business. Moreover, the operational expenditure can be overwhelming with the requirement to hire, train and retain IT talents not just in the headquarters but all retail outlets, taking up junk of revenue.

It is here SD-WAN can come in handy as it can sit on your existing connectivity solutions to interlink branch level retail operations like Point of Sale (POS) System, inventory, voice, video, cloud, data center, etc. and all this at an affordable price.

Software-Defined Mobile Aggregated Data (SMOAD) solutions provide affordable connectivity solutions to stay connected with any device, anytime and anywhere. SMOAD routers provide a reliable, scalable, high-performance solution with the help of SD-WAN connectivity.

There is a myriad of expectations for a retail business with multi-location touchpoints. The SMOAD solutions can centrally manage your stores in diverse locations thereby reducing the OPEX. Off-the-shelf components can be used as network devices thereby making it easy to install, configure, manage and update the network devices at the branch level.

Customers are given a plethora of options to make payments, diversify their shopping experience with eCommerce portals, in-store shopping, kiosks, curbsides and much more. With SD-WAN you can connect to any branch device or system without compromising on the speed. SMOAD solutions are compliant with PCI DSS security protocols to protect from risks to payment solutions even in the outside space like a kiosk, tablets, self-service counters, etc. The zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) can configure a switch remotely making it a great option at the branch level saving on cost.

SMOAD solutions can help your business stay in the game with evolving technologies.