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September 7, 2022

A few quick tips to help you find the best SD-WAN provider

SD-WAN works by creating a virtual network overlay and helps manage various high-tech devices and applications from a single interface. When you compare traditional WAN with SD-WAN, you will understand that with SD-WAN solutions, you can achieve better IT security, advanced application experience, enhanced performance, and better network management. These benefits are reason enough why most businesses are purchasing SD-WAN solutions.

If you want to purchase SD-WAN solutions to boost your company’s performance and productivity, then choosing the right provider should be the first step. Selecting the best SD-WAN provider is crucial if you want maximum benefits for the investment.

Things to consider while choosing SD-WAN solution providers

The SD-WAN solution you choose must be able to work uninterrupted, even during failovers or packet loss due to internet traffic. For example, even if there’s a WAN transport outage, your video conference meeting with your client must continue without hindrance.

1) Advanced SD-WAN solutions should be able to simplify the WAN architecture.
An optimized SD-WAN solution can unify numerous network functions like firewalls, routers, and other WAN devices into a single WAN edge platform. Unifying these network functionalities helps manage all of them from a single remote centre. Some SD-WAN platforms may require multiple tools and programs for effective management, so you must ensure that the solution you choose can simplify the network architecture instead of complicating it further.

2) Allows automation and adapts to changes
An advanced SD-WAN platform will have the ability to monitor the performance of applications and adapt to changes. This means that if traffic needs to be moved to better-performing networks during failovers, the SD-WAN solution must be able to do it.

3) Better analytics and reporting options
Better analytics and reporting options allow the IT team to easily monitor, modify and manage the SD-WAN. Even if breakage or problem occurs, the IT team should be able to resolve it quickly without complications. Hence, choose a vendor offering SD-WAN solutions and high-quality analytics, management, and reporting features.

4) Allow integration with additional solution providers.
The SD-WAN solution you choose must offer the flexibility to incorporate and take advantage of new technologies offered by cloud and security service providers. Sometimes cloud service providers offer additional functionalities along with the traditional cloud service – it could either be a new security feature or a new technology; your SD-WAN platform should allow easy integration with these vendors if the need arises.

5) Top-notch Service and Support
The SD-WAN provider you choose must be willing to make himself available 24/7 throughout the year. If an issue arises, the technology provider should be available to troubleshoot the problem right away.

6) Experience & understanding in delivering network solutions
Some SD-WAN vendors are experienced at handling WAN connections and delivering ISP networks. They will better understand the issues associated with MPLS, LTE routers, and VPN routers. They will know how to deal with these issues and overcome latency, failovers, and packet losses.

Benefits of Choosing the right SD-WAN solution provider:
By selecting the perfect SD-WAN Vendor, you can take advantage of better cloud applications and security features;

  • Your business functionality and productivity will improve owing to better application performance
  • Integrating SD-WAN with your current applications will obtain better agility and workflow.
  • The WAN infrastructure would be easy to build and manage.
  • Risk management would become more accessible, and you can enjoy advanced WAN Security features.
  • Overall, the WAN cost will be lowered.

You must first identify your company’s network requirements to find the best solution provider or vendor. Based on your observation, select the vendors who offer functionalities similar to your goals. Consult your account manager or IT team if you are unsure about whom to choose. Your account manager can help you select SD-WAN solutions with end-to-end cyber security, cost management, and better performance.

SMOAD (Software Defined Mobile Aggregated Data) is the next-generation SD-WAN-based solution. It aggregates bandwidth across mobile uplinks as a network overlay with control functions. SMOAD provides redundancy, higher bandwidth, and smoother traffic flow.

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