SMOAD Networks

December 8, 2021

Office in a box for instant offices

Kickstarting instant offices in a jiffy with office in a box

In a highly competitive business environment, one cannot take much time to put their infrastructure in place. SMEs, hybrid environments, home offices, temporary project sites are welcoming edge computing with open arms. Reaching a target audience is made simple with edge computing solutions. The VOLTA data center survey reveals that 38% of small businesses have embraced edge solutions when compared to 60% in large enterprises. The introduction of lightweight edge solutions from SMOAD has given a new lease of life to small offices bringing communication solutions under one umbrella at affordable prices.

Diverse sectors have diverse pain points to address. Connectivity has become a primary issue for healthcare, hospitality, fitness and wellbeing centers, warehouse management, etc. Temporary or small offices are constantly combating the challenges of basic networking infrastructure. They cannot afford the funds or time to set up a full-fledged network infrastructure. Moreover, coordinating with multiple vendors for different services can be a hassle. This is where SMOAD office in a box can be your savior. You need not wait for days to onboard data connectivity, LAN access with firewall security and voice lines.

SMOAD Office in a Box edge solution
Imagine setting up your office in a day with your communication services up and running to take clients on the office inaugural day. The advantage of SMOAD box is umpteen, among them, the following are worth a mention:

  • Wireless WAN over aggregated 4G LTEs with Telco agnostic up to 3 SIM cards
  • Multi-level redundancy with seamless failover of links from one to another
  • High-speed wireless LAN up to 300Mbps with a wide area coverage of 30 – 50 meters
  • Optional edge UPS for power back-up for 4 hours
  • 1000mW high power with external power amplifier
  • Integration of VoIP for domestic/global calling
  • Firewall securities like web content filtering, Mac binding, Intrusion detection/prevention system
  • Manageability and visibility from the central dashboard
  • One day delivery and installation

Never fall behind in adopting newer technologies. Take the first leap with SMOAD all in one box.

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