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April 21, 2022

Is SD-WAN an investment or an expense for startups?

Every investment is made with an expectation of returns. At a time when the world is looking for efficient network deployments, SD-WAN is seen as a viable option. Is SD-WAN an investment or a burden on the exchequer of startups? This is what will be the topic of discussion today.

With the markets expanding and businesses embracing digital technology, the need for robust network connectivity has become inevitable. Research & Markets has reported expected increases in the SD-WAN market from $1.4 billion to $43.0 billion in a few years. Business is all about delivering enriched user experience irrespective of location at the best price with a future-ready perspective. All this is possible with SD-WAN making it an investment option for startups.

Enterprises looking for automation and virtualisation to connect people look towards SD-WAN as an option. Some of the other aspects that have given SD-WAN a thought are cloud applications, security and flexibility to transit from the existing network infrastructure.

SD-WAN a winner
In today’s remote working environment, continuum connectivity is the key. Apart from delivering customised solutions, it also presents a unique user experience. At a low cost, businesses can streamline their operations without any network snags. Above all, enterprises are looking to transform inefficient models and automate routing needs and a software-driven approach to optimise the workload.

Network automation
The new work culture is complex and performance-oriented. With the cloud being the centre of operations, adapting to new technologies like machine language, Artificial intelligence, and IoT for precision and efficiency. The use of autonomous network deployment gives leisure to the workforce to focus on the core business.

AI driven SD-WAN
The transformation from binary to digital ecosystem delivers simplicity and agility without compromising reliability. The combination of machine language and Artificial intelligence in SD-WAN removes bottlenecks in the distributed network architecture, giving you smooth and uninterrupted connectivity.

Top of the rack security
Using future-ready technologies can keep your business ahead. Cloud and edge computing or SASE has become common as enterprises prioritise SD-WAN network security. With fusion networking in place, most enterprises integrate security to mitigate risks. Using SASE, you can recreate SD-WAN components and implement a disaster recovery plan.

Is investing in SD-WAN a good option?
Software-defined managed WAN route all traffic between headquarters and branch office and cloud. But SD-WAN is not just about connectivity; there is more to it. Some of the advantages of SD-WAN are listed below:

  1. It is more affordable when compared to MPLS, helping organisations cut down on capital and operational expenditure.
  2. It is software-defined and deliverable through the cloud, enabling new offices quickly.
  3. Adapting to evolving markets and customers through agility
  4. Optimal performance and multi-path routing
  5. Inclusive encryption and micro-segmentation reduce security concerns.
  6. Facilitates centralised monitoring of network activities with quick notification and remediation of concerns.
  7. Real time analytics and reporting across networks.
  8. Aggregate internet connections to cut downtime. Even if one fails, there is always another to keep you linked to the internet. The automatic failover ensures you are back to work without waiting for your service provider to set the issue right. You can call it ‘internet insurance’. With SD-WAN, your business is up and running all the time.
  9. Modern businesses are on the cloud, causing a change in the data traffic pattern. Traditional WAN is unable to support this cloud migration, and the result is wasted bandwidth, packet loss and latency. To counter this, SD-WAN pushes traffic intelligently without compromising on security. Application performance is higher by using agile network architecture.
  10. While you are on a zoom call with your clients, experiencing call drops or voice breaks is expected in a traditional network, primarily when many people use the same network. In SD-WAN, you can prioritise traffic, giving you uncompromised voice or video calls.

Modern businesses depend on internet applications and even a few minutes of downtime leads to not only loss of business but the loss of face for the company. For the success of your business, seamless network operations are crucial, and you can achieve this through SD-WAN.

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