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April 13, 2022

Fly Connected! How is SD-WAN changing the Aviation Industry?

Aviation industry is gearing up to offer rich customer experience both on-flight and off-flight. Global network connectivity has become the key to enhanced performance. Loss of connectivity can impact the customers greatly, leading to delayed flights, missing luggage, check-in errors, etc. Modern aviation industry partners with top notch network communications solutions providers to boost performance by helping their customers stay connected all the time, whether on ground or on air.

Aviation industry is constantly rethinking their network solutions to strengthen their applications to offer a digital journey experience. Some of the solutions for the aviation industry are:

  • The network communication landscape is constantly changing with consumers demanding faster services on multiple devices and not to forget personalized experience. For this airlines are relying on cloud service for better business opportunities and increased revenue.
  • Aviation industry is regulated and cannot afford to have network failures. Mission critical activities like passenger check-in, departure control, flight operation, etc. cannot be compromised. Airlines requires global network for reliable connectivity to optimize performance. The industry is dependent on congested public networks that come with a threat of latency and packet loss. On the contrary, MPLS is expensive, inflexible and could be a single point of failure.
  • Airlines are constantly upgrading their destinations to meet the growing demands of passengers. Operational efficiency is critical to run profitable airlines and for this global network connectivity is strategic.
  • The western world is eager to enter fast growing markets like India but the challenge is dependence on the unreliable and expensive MPLS and IP-VPN. Network inefficiencies are the cause for these airlines hesitating to enter the market.

The following are some of the ways aviation industry can transform journey experience even while flying up 30,000 miles:

  1. The 5G network can improve communication with the control towers upon landing. Moreover, 5G network real time equipment monitoring supports 4K/8K video analytics for easy monitoring.
  2. The use of 5G network can enhance passenger experience. You can reduce waiting time with QR code scanning for verification of IDs. Facial recognition with 5G cameras can alert customs officials. For better baggage management real time video streaming can be used during loading and unloading of flights. 5G enabled computer vision facilitates instant boarding pass scanning without manual intervention. 5G enables AR/VR potential to access UHD content for in-flight entertainment. Instead of depending on satellite communication, passengers can enjoy internet surfing with in-flight private 5G network.

SD- WAN transforming the aviation industry
Software Defined Wide Area Network is a flexible and secure aviation network solution. SD-WAN facilitate aviation industry to deploy operations in a multi-cloud architecture for better network speed, security and agility. SD-WAN is loaded with features. It improves global network connectivity for better scalability. The technology distributes traffic across links like Broadband, 4G LTE, MPLS and more, giving instant access to passengers seeking access to any applications. In the aerospace manufacturing, SD-WAN help to prevent application failure, cut downtime and connect essential equipment.

The advantages of choosing SD-WAN for aviation industry are to combat connectivity, security and communication challenges, all at an affordable cost. Moreover it is quick, safe and streamlined. Some of the features of SD-WAN in aviation industry include:

  • Improved performance of mission critical applications
  • Centralized management
  • Minimum downtime and maximum uptime
  • Enriched customer experience
  • Connecting across global networks
  • Quick integration with Cloud
  • Enhanced security

SMOAD SD-WAN solutions for aviation industry
On-flight connectivity provides a rich passenger experience gaining the loyalty of the passenger. SMOAD devices come with superior connectivity and unified communication solutions. With multi-device connectivity and mobile aggregate broadband, you can be free from connection drops. SMOAD is 5G ready to aggregate several bandwidths to route network traffic intelligently. SMOAD runs multiple Virtual machines at the edge level giving the advantage of performing function at the device level. SMOAD SD-WAN enables centralized management for regular updates at low cost. The traffic flow is smooth with higher bandwidth and redundancy.

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