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April 7, 2022

Edge devices & Blockchain for a safer Cargo experience!

The supply chain operations have taken a new avatar with next-gen technologies like blockchain, edge computing and augmented reality entering the space. Edge computing can analyse and process data at the closest collection point. This way, data is processed faster, thereby enhancing the user experience. With a spike in the data and an increase in the use of IoT devices, network architecture is fighting hard to cope with process and distribution challenges. Edge computing distributes data among mini data centres close to the business operation. The advantage of edge computing is improving the scalability of the present infrastructure. Each business will have its own compact data centre, thereby reducing the burden on the centralised data centre, negating the danger of single-source failures.
For instance, instead of your cargo vehicles reaching out to main data centres for information, they can retrieve and process data at the closest point, cutting down on delays and snags. This means your business will be up and running 24/7/365 without the threat of downtime or data loss.
Blockchain is used in cargo services to track goods by beating the threat in the supply chains. The biggest challenge to be addressed before implementing edge computing is the bonding of components like GPS trackers, etc., to the blockchain. The cargo passing through a no network area will have to look for alternative connectivity solutions to access data. Mobile aggregate solutions from SMOAD help keep your cargo in the loop by offering alternative connectivity solutions like broadband and 4G LTE. Even if one fails, the other stands by you.

Blockchain innovation delivers increased transparency, less risk and high efficiency. The blockchain records relevant data like quality, location, price, certification, etc., to manage the supply chain. The information collected can be used to trace the cargo to improve visibility and adhere to compliance.
Benefits of blockchain

  • Easy to trace cargo to maintain corporate standards.
  • Enhancing visibility and adhering to compliance
  • Less paperwork and minimised administrative cost
  • Strengthen the reputation of your business with transparency of materials
  • When data is shared live, it improves the credibility of the business
  • Reduces malpractices in cargo handling

From end to end tracking, blockchain promotes accuracy in cargo management. The physical assets can be digitalised to create a decentralised record transaction making it easy to track the assets from manufacturing to delivery to end-users. Both the consumers and businesses can benefit due to increased transparency and visibility.
Blockchain is used in high-value industries like pharmaceuticals and precious metals to cut down on losses as it passes from one subcontractor to another. This way, grey market trading can also be checked. Even outsourced contractors can be controlled with blockchain as it provides access to the same information to all parties reducing data errors while transferring. With time spent on validating data reduced, more time can be spent on delivering goods and services, thereby cutting down on cost and improving the quality of service. 
Administrative processes can be streamlined with blockchain as it automates compliance checks that usually take weeks when done manually.
SMOAD in Cargo management
In-vehicle connectivity is crucial for the safe delivery of goods. SMOAD devices offer enhanced connectivity and unified communication solutions. SMOAD can connect fixed lines, moving vehicles and IoT devices to a single WAN at a lesser cost with better transparency, visibility and security.
SMOAD edge routers are multifunctional with dual WAN ports, SD-WAN technology, SIM card slots, and dual broadband with WiFi coverage to 50 meters is the ideal solution for your cargo management. 
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