SMOAD Networks

December 14, 2021

Reliable connectivity for roaming vehicles

A bird’s eye view of your roaming vehicles with edge solutions

Automation in logistics is the biggest innovation in recent years and network service providers have put all the infrastructure in place to meet the coverage needs of the logistics industry, automobile industry and fleet management services without compromising on quality and price. The logistics industry is experiencing a huge transformation with information being channelized to reach the target audience.

The requirements of modern fleets have grown in number and it is not restricted to location sharing, vehicle tracking or navigation. Today high-speed connectivity is required for several services like infotainment, navigation, driver assistance and so on. To enjoy these services, you need robust connectivity. Information has to be collected precisely and sent to-and-fro securely.

Real-time information optimizes driving experience, notifying on traffic conditions, routes, parking solutions, navigation applications, etc. Reliable connectivity can improve your logistics experience. Wi-Fi onboard vehicles can provide infotainment services. Partnering with network and communications providers can help in improving your driving experience and enriching customer satisfaction.

Connection drops can be devastating for any moving vehicle connected to a central server. Enabling a strong wireless network can promote effective fleet management. With SMOAD edge comprehensive solutions enjoy the power of LTE, broadband and 5G to power your communication. A centralized control gives unlimited reach to your vehicles while on road to transmit data and voice in real-time.

SMOAD keeps you free from network drop worries as you enter the world of wireless to connect with your vehicle, field force or IoT devices without any hitch. SMOAD wireless WAN gives you freedom from the wired world as you embrace the single platform wireless routers. With advanced firewall protection and mac address filtering, concerns over security breaches are addressed effectively. Stay connected all the time with external antennas for high signal strength. Enjoy unbreakable connectivity, even in remote locations with multi sim-based aggregation with SMOAD.