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August 9, 2023

The Role of SD-WAN Smart Edge in Multi-Cloud Environments

Remote work culture has diversified the IT environment. Countless devices are given access to the corporate network giving a tough time managing performance and security. To combat these challenges edge computing model is introduced. It is the outer perimeter of the network, where devices and users can connect to the corporate network. The data access is faster as the IT resources are moved to the edge. The data is processed close to the source, reducing the transmission time. The bandwidth is reduced drastically as the distance travelled is limited, minimising latency and enhancing security.

SD-WAN comes with the advantage of incorporating the power of LTE, Broadband, and 5G power into your network for uninterrupted network connectivity. Moreover, SD-WAN helps organisations make policy-based routing decisions depending on the workload and network conditions. Traffic can be prioritised and managed from a centralised console or cloud, giving the advantage of adapting to changes quickly.

SD-WAN uses full mesh architecture facilitating remote users to connect to the site securely and removing the need to go through complicated firewall and routing protocols. Edge data centres can work in full swing even if a centralised data centre or cloud link is down. User experience can be enriched as content is cached locally.

SD-WAN edge on multi-cloud architecture
SD-WAN is the go-to network solution for edge communication in multi-cloud environments. Using multi-cloud gives the advantage of adopting the right platform for the right application. SD-WAN delivers secure and reliable connectivity to IaaS cloud platforms. It provides the best route for traffic acceleration between the cloud and the data centre.

Using two or more IasS platforms like Oracle Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud can be defined as multi-cloud. For agile operations, organisations use various cloud resources, forcing them to use the right public or private cloud platforms to run their applications irrespective of the location and quality of users.

Why should you use SD-WAN for multi-cloud?
In distributed enterprises, SD-WAN is used to increase the bandwidth, enhance security and deliver application priority to the edge. The service providers strive to improve functionality with routing, network security, and centralised management. Some of the SD-WAN capabilities to support multi-cloud connectivity are as follows:

Excellent application delivery: SD-WAN has gone a long way in enabling application delivery irrespective of location and time. It calls for seamless connectivity between the user and cloud, SaaS, and IaaS platforms for effective traffic prioritisation and transmission.

High quality of experience and low latency: SD-WAN platforms should deliver high user experience and low latency without compromising on security and compliance for business-critical cloud applications.

Visibility and security: To mitigate the risks of cloud, internet and IoT, cloud platforms must enhance security. Knowing the source and destination of the traffic can provide better visibility and helps quarantine scrupulous traffic. The SD-WAN offers security and IT technicians enforcement choices at the edge or data centre.

Isolate traffic flows with micro-segmentation: In a multi-cloud environment, security should be micro-segmented to isolate traffic flows.

Connectivity: Connecting to multiple platforms means a lengthy process with complicated troubleshooting tools and suitable routing tables. SD-WAN providers offer automated connectivity to top IaaS cloud tools and environments to identify and repair application performance downgrading.

SD-WAN providers are working towards enhancing multi-cloud capabilities with the help of IaaS provider’s partnership, improved security and internal upgrades. SMOAD Smart Edge is a software-defined edge computing platform featuring last-mile transport, dual-band and Wi-Fi support, seamless failover, zero-touch provisioning and more.

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