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March 18, 2021

Remote Working Tips

The concept of remote working is now a necessity and far from the luxury it was once considered to be. It has changed our perception on work culture and comes with its own benefits and challenges too. Remote working technology has improved, leaps and bounds over the last one year. However, there are many challenges we face while remote working.

Here’s a list of 5 remote working challenges:

Time Zones

While remote working gives you the opportunity to hire someone talented from across the world, different time zones can be a problem. Syncing with the rest of the company at odd hours, when some team members are wide awake, its midnight elsewhere. The best way to solve this problem if to have a well-planned schedule where team member can interact with each other sometime during the day, to discuss, share and handover important tasks.

Team Building

Employees working from home, sometime struggle to work in teams while working long distance. While a sizable percentage of employees, did remote working even before the pandemic, problems with team building or working in a group has always been a challenge. Since all this is quite new to us, it will take some time to improve how employees can work in a group, remotely. How can a team of designers work on the same project when they are spread out across the country or world? There are many remote collaboration tools & software that can help multiple people work on the same document. It must be instant, flexible and reliable.

Sitting for long hours

Sometimes, we forget how long we have been sitting in front of the screen or just sitting in one place. Avoid sitting on a chair for long hours as it may stiffen up your nerves and muscles, developing pain in your neck, back and spine. Try and take a break, every hour, for 5-10 minutes. Perform a stretch or take a round or two around your home. And No! Don’t go to the fridge often!

Remote work solution


Imagine your internet becomes really slow or goes down completely during a very important proposal to a client or a presentation to your boss. It can get frustrating for everyone. A very important element to enable remote working, is a good internet connection to start with. Replying only on one network can be risky. The good news is there are solutions in the market that allow you to use multiple networks at the same time. Take the SMOAD Beetle

for example; It aggregates 4G LTE and Broadband in the same router, giving you 2 networks in one, improving your connectivity and reducing your chances of slow or no internet. And the SMOAD spider can aggregate (4 LTE Sim Cards or 2 Sim Cards + 2 Broadband networks in one)

Remote work solution


When things were normal, employees working from a centralized office had better control over security threats and attacks. But now, with employees scattered and working remotely, there are a list of cyber threats lurking around the corner. Phishing attacks, password sharing, using personal devices, online shopping, malware, ransomware, etc are very common threats. It is a challenge for employers to ensure, company data and important documents are not prone to any of the above security threats.

While there are VPN’s and anti-virus software, there are some risks that need a more serious solution. SMOAD routers come with, in built firewall, content filter to filter out certain websites. For employees in critical functions, they need Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and other defined access control policies, offered with the SMOAD Beetle and Spider routers

Remote work solution

Having listed some of the challenges and how to overcome them, remote working culture is still evolving and is here to stay. We learn something new every day, how to multitask, how to interact with a team, how to reduce surrounding noises during a call, how to balance work life and home life. Many of the challenges mentioned above can be controlled to a certain extent, there are some, beyond our control. SMOAD networks gives you the best solutions to overcome technical challenges of connectivity, security, enhancing internet performance (App prioritization) and making remote working possible!