SMOAD Networks

March 25, 2021

Technology for Remote Working


The real and present pandemic crisis has made sweeping Global changes the order of the day. Business continuity has become an urgent need for every industry/business/organization and remote working is here to stay. In this article we will discuss some of the best remote working technologies available which can revolutionize how teams working from widely dispersed locations can stay productive and efficient

Case in point #1:

The problem: Last mile connectivity
“No internet connectivity”
“My connection goes off randomly”.

With employees working from home, the load on internet service providers is higher than usual and many networks are not yet designed to take on this increased load. The result is an unstable network that frequently crashes and causes end users a lot of grief. The productivity of any business takes a big hit when employees are plagued by unstable internet connections and work can easily come to a standstill, costing us precious time. Another issue remote workforce can face is no wired broadband available in some areas, as Internet Service Providers do not have the infrastructure to provide expensive broadband to fewer users in that particular area.

The Solution:

Ingenious technology that can solve connectivity issues can be found in high-speed wireless routers like the SMOAD Beetle and SMOAD Spider which come with 4G LTE + Broadband aggregation capacity. With these routers, employees have multiple connections to fall back on, both Broadband and Data connections. There are multiple SIM slots and WAN ports built in so connectivity stays stable by switching between bandwidths. Dual network routers from SMOAD also enable connectivity in far off locations such as remote branch offices to have high performance data connectivity to their headquarters and main datacentres. The virtual leased line solution offered enables bonding of multiple internet access channels such as Broadband, ILL, multiple 4G LTEs, to provide reliable and high throughput data channels.

Case in point #2:

The Problem: Data Traffic Management.
“My apps are not working the way
they should” “My app is not responding”
“My internet is slow during the day”

Employees working from home are often on congested networks which are unable to provide the bandwidth or speed required for business-critical functions. The internet service provider is oversubscribed with customers in the area using video calling and content streaming apps, apart from multiple home users on the same network. This seriously hinders users who are working from home and constantly have to switch between their mobile data and broadband networks.

The Solution:

App prioritisation / Data Traffic management is technology that comes inbuilt with the SMOAD Beetle and SMOAD Spider. You can choose which apps get priority in your network and important apps and programs are diverted to the network with better internet bandwidth. For example, the video conferencing program you use for work can be on the broadband network while Netflix can be on the 4G LTE network and both can function smoothly. The business-critical app is not interrupted and gets the bandwidth it needs. Everybody is happy.

Case in point #3:

The Problem: Security.
“Too many procedures to follow to
access my work” “Too many security
measures in place and passwords to
remember” “Threat of Malware and hackers

Many devices outside the company network now access the company’s data. This means security needs to be that much more diligent, which in turn leads to the employee having to use many authentication procedures to access work, having to use multiple passwords, having to log in and out multiple times. This can contribute to employee frustration and eventually lead to unproductive work. The more serious concerns are data theft and hackers. Home networks are not safe and companies are not fully prepared for employees working from home

The Solution:

Technologies that enhance enterprise functionalities and improves security like ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) and Secure Web Access are available today. Safe rendering info streamed to the regular browsers of the users protects from malware on site and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology cleans up downloads and emails off any embedded malware. This can be done through Subex Integration, available on SMOAD Routers. ZTNA dictates that nothing inside or outside the network should be granted complete trust. Adding this feature to networks need not necessarily be expensive and complicated when you opt for SMOAD networks