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December 7, 2023

SD-WAN in Quantum Machine Learning (QML) for Network Optimisation

Organisations are migrating to the cloud, and SD-WAN enables them to achieve higher performance at a lower cost. SD-WAN offers decentralised networking, connecting branches and remote offices through broadband, wireless, LTE, and MPLS aggregation. It helps organisations stay connected anytime without compromising on uptime. Modern offices use SD-WAN to connect to local internet services. The connection is no longer secure when connected to a public network as it is vulnerable to malicious attacks. There are challenges in enforcing security policies. The solution to this lies in combining SD-WAN and security in one device for maximum protection while improving user experience and cutting operational overheads. In this connection, the Quantum SD-WAN is the best solution for threat prevention. Go ahead and check out how!

How does Quantum SD-WAN prevent threats?
Quantum SD-WAN offers the best network connectivity, helping you optimise branch connectivity over the internet, cloud, broadband, and wireless. With Quantum SD-WAN, you can connect offices and cloud data centres using a resilient and secure overlay network. It is a fail-proof connectivity capable of handling failover when the connection is unstable. Moreover, it monitors the continuous links for any predefined thresholds. Now, you can secure your branch offices with a security stack embedded in your branch network to combat the severest malware catch. Moreover, Quantum SD-WAN offers holistic visibility and monitoring of network health through SLA metrics.

Quantum SD-WAN capabilities
There are many useful features in Quantum SD-WAN, and these include:

  1. Supporting multiple WAN links: Quantum SD-WAN supports multiple WAN links like internet, LTE, 5G, broadband, and MPLS. With the help of link mapping, you can switch to the best connectivity during a failure. This ensures your traffic moves smoothly without any interruption.
  2. Sub-second failover: Remain connected with sub-second failover for sensitive connections like video conferencing, remote support, and VoIP. Now, you can connect with branches across regions through Quantum SD-WAN. Some of the features include simple site-to-site VPN network setup, dynamic path selection, and link redundancy for securing branch connectivity to the headquarters.
  3. Optimised routing: Quantum SD-WAN has the potential to detect applications from the first packs. It has offered a sophisticated steering policy for improved connectivity since its inception.
  4. Granular policy customisation: Quantum SD-WAN allows you to define the source of the connection, target, and traffic behaviour.
  5. Autonomous dynamic traffic steering: Monitor for latency, jitters, and packet loss with quantum SD-WAN. Depending on the group identity, application, and link health, it offers dynamic path selection. Breakout and overlay issues can be addressed with link aggregation.
  6. Cloud-based management: Quantum SD-WAN offers advanced monitoring, reporting, and analytics. This provides quick resolution to failures with real-time monitoring of the health of your network, like SLA metrics, and holistic health visibility for the branch and network.

The reasons to use quantum SD-WAN
Without quantum SD-WAN, two things are impossible: seamless connectivity and prevention from threats. Quantum SD-WAN optimises your network by interconnecting your data centres with branch offices for a secure, resilient overlay network. Moreover, it provides the fastest cloud and internet connection for remote offices, optimising connection in real-time. The use of link aggregation increases bandwidth utilisation with the help of overlay connectivity.

Quantum SD-WAN can protect from cyberattacks by blocking new malware—branch threats like DNS attacks, phishing, ransomware, and unknown threats. The solutions include a security stack supported by the latest firewall, anti-bot detection, zero-day protection, anti-virus, anti-phishing, URL filtering, SSL inspection, application control, and CDR.

Digital transformation and effective security go hand-in-hand. Video conferencing needs seamless connectivity, and this is possible with sub-second failover. Using quantum technology, deployment time can be reduced from months to minutes.

The Role of SD-WAN in Quantum Machine Learning (QML)
Using machine learning, an enterprise can choose the most appropriate connection for traffic at a given time. The machine learning algorithms are used for automatic path selection. SD-WAN technology in QML can shift traffic based on security, cost, and application factors. Fault prediction is similar to predictive maintenance. With the help of AI tools, the network predicts faults and how to employ automatic deployment solutions based on the problem diagnosed. With the help of QML and AI, SD-WAN fault prediction can become streamlined and simplified. With the rise in network demands and the growth of technologies, it is only reasonable to expect an increase in faults, and SD-WAN in QML could be an ideal solution.

SMOAD Quantum secure SD-WAN is a flagship offering a combination of SD-WAN with quantum-resistant security measures. It is your answer to strong cyberattacks. Act today for protection from unknown threats.

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