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October 4, 2023

SD-WAN Smart Edge for improved application performance and UX!

Modern work environments are diversified, and the challenges of managing performance and security come with it. Smart Edge is a solution to overcome these challenges. Smart Edge is the outer perimeter of the network, giving easy and quick access to users and devices to connect to the centralised network. When IT resources are moved to the Edge, it facilitates faster data access and less transmission time. With less distance to travel, the bandwidth is reduced, cutting down on latency and improving security.

The most significant advantage of SD-WAN is its ability to aggregate various connectivity into your network like Broadband, LTE, 5G, etc. With this, it is easier to make routing decisions based on the network situation and workload. Now, traffic can be prioritised and supervised from a centralised dashboard or cloud with the advantage of always providing uninterrupted network connectivity. The complete mesh architecture offers maximum security by eliminating the need for complicated firewall and routing policies. The good news for the edge data centre is 24/7 uptime despite the interruption in a centralised data centre or break in the cloud link. User experience and application performance never suffer with SD-WAN Smart Edge.

Advantages of SD-WAN Smart Edge

  1. Enriched user experience and minimum latency:
  2. SD-WAN Smart Edge offers an excellent user experience with low latency. There is no compromise on security and adherence to compliance for critical cloud applications.

  3. Mitigating risks with superior security:
  4. The risks are high when your data is on the cloud, IoT, or the internet. To mitigate the risk, security must be enhanced. Security at the Edge gives better visibility of the inflowing and outflowing traffic. Moreover, it helps to quarantine malicious traffic, providing better protection.

  5. Micro-segmentation:
  6. Traffic flows can be isolated in a multi-cloud environment, and security can be micro-segmented, giving better visibility and security.

  7. Uninterrupted connectivity:
  8. While connecting to multiple devices or platforms, the process becomes cumbersome and delayed with complex troubleshooting and routing techniques. With SD-WAN edge, you can identify and repair at the Edge, saving time and improving performance.

Why do you need SD-WAN Smart Edge?
Enjoy the benefits of Smart Edge with simplified deployment, procurement, and operations. Smart Edge is a powerful means to secure network infrastructure using holistic features and capabilities. Some of the features of SD-WAN Smart Edge include:

  • Centralised network management: One unified platform is used to deploy, configure, monitor, and manage the network. Centralised management enables a complete purview of network infrastructure for quick identification and troubleshooting. Moreover, the management of IT devices and systems is streamlined, providing consistent security across the network. Additionally, updating and patching devices are simplified by improving the security of the setup.
  • Segmented network architecture: SD-WAN Smart Edge creates network segments, placing insulation-sensitive data and critical systems from threats. With segmentation, lateral movement within the network is contained and does not spread to the entire infrastructure. It protects legacy systems from exposure to threats.
  • Sophisticated threat protection: SD-WAN Smart Edge provides advanced protection features to identify and act on cyber-attacks. By acting quickly, potential threats can be minimised. Moreover, it offers a spectrum of protection from ransomware, malware, DDoS attacks, and more, ensuring there is no break in the performance of the network infrastructure. Additionally, it improves the data transmission between sensors, devices, and systems for secure communication.
  • Compliance management: The Smart Edge SD-WAN solutions adhere to industry standards and compliances. It identifies sensitive data and systems, reduces authorisation access, and protects from a data breach. It streamlines the compliance process, making it simple for auditors and regulators by demonstrating to them an organised network infrastructure. Edge helps to update and alter configurations to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Cost cutting: Smart Edge helps in cost cutting by deploying multiple points, making it easy to manage functions in a single solution. The stress on resources is reduced, giving time to focus on core operations. It also reduces the incidence of threats, minimising security expenses.
  • Analytics: With Smart Edge, organisations can collect and analyse data at a lower operational cost. The features include real-time insights for quick decision-making. It protects OT devices by incorporating security tools and services onto the Edge, reducing bandwidth and latency related to transmitting data to centralised platforms, thereby improving network performance and overall efficiency of the network infrastructure.

SMOAD SD-WAN Edge offers last-mile transport through DIA, LTE, 5G, and broadband. Edge can power virtual machines to bring them closer to end-user life. It also provides a seamless failure with zero-touch provision to configure the router remotely. Want to know more? Call us for a demo!