SMOAD Networks

November 25, 2020

Software defined Network security

With SDN, new vulnerabilities open up in the form of malware, ransomware and viral worms due to direct Internet access. This direct Internet access does not fall under the existing network security. Hence, it is essential to secure the SDN.

Consider the case of an enterprise that uses multiple applications – some of it from the cloud, some of it as an on-premise application and critical communication applications like Voice and Video across its network. You can segment these applications separately with SDN technology appliances like SMOAD.

SMOAD in-built security

SMOAD comes preloaded with a stateful firewall with ability to encrypt and decrypt all the communication. This helps in integrated security of a branch where one vendor handles both the SDN and security capabilities. This has the advantage of simpler management, protection of network traffic and intelligent traffic management. As the same device handles all the needs of an organization, the performance will go up as there are no hops to be made for the network traffic to pass through.

However, SMOAD can co-exist with 3rd party SaaS-based security solutions and premise-based appliances – they can offer in-depth defense from various vulnerabilities, threats and attacks. Most network administrators are familiar with it and are comfortable handling them as well.

SMOAD is flexible to be a part of any ecosystem as we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to security. It is completely dependent on the level of protection that an organization and business is expecting and based on that we decide one of the following options:

  • SMOAD with in-built security features
  • SMOAD can leverage hosted security features by co-existing with SaaS-based security solutions
  • SMOAD co-existing with premise-based appliances

To sum it up, SMOAD ensures that your network traffic is secure, and all your stakeholders are protected with the flexibility to fit into an architecture that is appropriate for your business.