SMOAD Networks

November 25, 2020

WAN Optimization

Optimization of WAN has been in practice for the last so many years. It was done to make sure that customers get to access their enterprise applications in a faster and secure manner. While WAN optimization cannot be completely negated about its usefulness, SDN technologies have emerged and that provides WAN optimization on-demand.

Consider the case of an enterprise that uses multiple applications – some of it from the cloud, some of it as an on-premise application and critical communication applications like Voice and Video across its network. You can segment these applications separately with SDN technology appliances like SMOAD.

SMOAD for WAN Optimization

All you have to do is install a SMOAD appliance at each of your branches, head office and the data center and then start to segregate the applications and figure out ways and means to access them in an optimal way. Some examples include:

  • Cloud applications – branches can access the cloud applications like messaging, mailing, CRM and productivity applications directly with the Internet capacity available locally
  • Application acceleration – accelerate the performance of applications like ERP and server-side resources through the usage of a combination of MPLS and Internet connectivity at different branches for faster access to enterprise applications. It aggregates multiple low-cost Internet connectivity for better performance and more capacity
  • SMOAD offers QoS by prioritizing date traffic, when it comes to Voice and Video as these are mainly bandwidth and network dependent. QoS policies are pre-defined and are deployed across all the edge devices in the network. These can be based on built-in application recognition and prioritization of traffic.
  • Traffic prioritization– Prioritize voice and video traffic irrespective of the network utilization by other applications and devices

SMOAD helps you improve the performance of the overall network and not just that of the individual connections. SMOAD is the only SDN appliance that provides 100% data redundancy by aggregating mobile LTEs to ensure that applications are available across the network.