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March 1, 2023

How can cloud-based security intelligence be used with SMOAD SD-WAN?

The demand for high bandwidth and performance has given rise to the adoption of multi-cloud technology. Shifting to the cloud became prevalent during the pandemic when working from home was common. Today, organisations are looking towards secure, high-performance, and low-latency technology to access cloud applications to connect to remote offices without compromising security. Today, every user seeks enterprise-class experience for the applications they access.

Mobile users are constantly looking to access cloud apps without any interruption. SD-WAN offers agile, reliable, and secure connectivity to access cloud-based apps at a lower cost and with high-security functions. Cloud-based security with SD-WAN reduces IT footprints while reducing operational costs.

Delivering cloud security with SMOAD SD-WAN
The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) works with SMOAD SD-WAN enabling security at the edge powered by cloud intelligence. The traditional model may handle multiple devices, applications, and users securely. For this, you need in-built security. It is here that the pairing between SD-WAN and SASE provides secure connection and application delivery in today’s work-from-anywhere environment. SASE is a new approach, but there is no doubt it is the future for organisations seeking a proactive security model.

Why do you need secure SD-WAN to move to the cloud?
Secure SD-WAN extends branch office networks to public and private clouds in a secure manner. It facilitates SLA monitoring. Moreover, the SD-WAN policy management supports SaaS and multi-cloud overloads enabling enterprises to direct traffic based on bandwidth and priority.

SD-WAN cloud intelligence for extended network visibility
Enrich your digital experience with enhanced IT cloud agility, transforming workforce experience and optimising the path for continuous network and application experience. SD-WAN routes all traffic through security parameters before it reaches the cloud service providers. SD-WAN traffic is screened by Cloud-built secure web gateway protection for web threats and malware, irrespective of where the traffic is routed. Cloud security tools prevent threats from entering branch offices using cloud-based SaaS.

How does SMOAD SD-WAN security work?
The role of the traditional router-centric model is to distribute control functions across devices and route traffic. The traditional model is complex and needs to be cloud friendly. On the contrary, a delivers a superior cloud application experience for users. The SD-WAN identifies the applications and provides intelligent application-aware routing across WAN. Each application receives security policy enforcement and QoS as per the business needs. The secure internet breakout of IaaS and SaaS application traffic delivers the highest cloud performance protecting the organisation from threats.

Modern enterprises are using the cloud and buying SaaS, while enterprises using traditional connectivity depend on the corporate data centre to access applications. Traditional WAN is not suitable for backhauling traffic to the cloud and from branch offices. SMOAD SD-WAN offers high bandwidth efficiency at a low price. It offers high performance for critical applications with excellent data privacy. The result is customer satisfaction and profit. With consistent security measures, business risks are eliminated.

Business-driven SD-WAN is comprehensive and comes with end-to-end security capabilities. The security should not stop providing a next-generation firewall but should move further to enforce end-to-end segmentation from the LAN-WAN data centre and LAN-WAN cloud. Centrally controlled security policy is consistent when compared to the device-centric model. In case of a policy change, the configuration is done centrally, and the nodes are pushed across the network. It improves operational efficiency and reduces overall security breaches and surface threats.

How to secure local internet breakout for cloud applications?
SMOAD SD-WAN provides application classification capabilities on manually scripted ACLs, IaaS, and SaaS across the internet. But with cloud applications changing, there is a need to adapt to changes and provide IP address updates and automated daily application definition. This way, any interruption in the application can be removed, and productivity issues addressed.

Advanced SD-WAN for SASE comes with secure and versatile security inspection directly onto the cloud without backhauling application traffic to the data centre before forwarding to the cloud.

Using the right SD-WAN solution helps to handle complex cyber security issues when using public networks. Companies need to adopt scalable, reliable, and fast connections between branches to combat security concerns, and the easiest and most affordable option are SMOAD SD-WAN.

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