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July 27, 2022

How is SD-WAN managing to connect to the HQ in logistics?

How is this process making stock movements efficient?

Before the industrial revolution and the unknown age of machines, manpower was the primary resource to run a factory. Then came machines, followed by automation. The advent of machine learning, machine communication, SD-WAN technology, edge computing, and cloud connectivity features are transforming how industries function. Adapting to automated infrastructures to enhance end-product quality has become the order of the day. Whether it is the manufacturing industry or the logistics, the importance of SD-WAN in these sectors cannot be disregarded.

The logistic wing of manufacturing units has relied on the traditional MPLS system or LTE to ensure connectivity between two sites or locations. But with the increasing use of IoT devices and communication technologies, these agencies need an intelligent and more reliable cloud connectivity solution like 4G routers and SD-WAN connectivity.

Supply Chain Connectivity & Production Efficiency with SD-WAN
For the efficient running of a manufacturing unit, instant access to the supply chain and production status is crucial. Most companies use MPLS connections to meet their logistic requirement. Still, they have access to only a limited bandwidth owing to cost constraints. With SD-WAN, this problem is eliminated. SD-WAN offers seamless connectivity over a vast geographic location, which is the most cost-effective.

How is this achieved?
Installation of Network edge equipment is done at each manufacturing unit. After that, a cloud-based SD-WAN controller automatically maintains connectivity to the cloud and manufacturing sites. Seamless connection and non-stop production can be achieved when you use SD-WAN routers for your company. Since SD-WAN’s connectivity improves production rates and operational efficiency, factory downtime can be eradicated. Manufacturing heads have better control over what’s being produced, and they have instant control over the production as well as supply chain process:

  • Easy scheduling of production resources is made possible.
  • The supply chain can ensure that the production unit receives the materials required for assembling.
  • Quality control can easily collaborate with the shipping unit and help reduce the cost associated with storing goods on docks.

With SD-WAN, manufacturers can rest assured that their entire business remains connected. This way, the teams will have instant information on what’s happening. If an unplanned situation pops up, everyone can collaborate and resolve it quickly.

How do Logistics Benefit from SD-WAN?

1. Cost-Effectiveness Logistic
Companies quickly expand their business across different locations. Though business grows significantly, connectivity and managing operation become more and more complex. Adding WAN links to newly acquired branches increases the operational cost. SD-WAN cuts down this cost and, most importantly, quickly establishes connectivity without any manual intervention.

2. Security
With SD-WAN, you can ensure the security of customers and product data. One of its main features is traffic encryption, which allows administrators to prevent traffic from coming from less secure locations. Most providers are now offering threat intelligence features that make supply chain security more accessible and efficient for administrators to manage.

3. Easy Configuration
You don’t have to hire a costly tech team to incorporate SD-WAN into your locations. SD-WAN comes with an easy DIY deployment model, and you will only need the assistance of your IT team to understand how to handle the traffic.

4. Flexibility
As new locations are added to your logistic business, you will need to install connectivity devices in each area. With SD-WAN, you can stop worrying about tedious manual installation work at each unit. You can deploy connectivity at any site with the help of SD-WAN and have them monitored from a centralized location.

The introduction of SD-WAN is bound to make you think it is complex and challenging to integrate and incorporate within your IT infrastructure. But once your network engineers get a grip on it, managing it and taking advantage of its benefits will be easier. It is the job of SD-WAN providers to provide a product and service offering which is simple, efficient, plug n play and can be deployed quickly across all your branch offices.

“Mark Baker, CIO of JAS, exclaimed that his network engineers had no idea about SD-WAN usage, and it took time for them to realize that they would no longer be managing networks but would be working with application developers and users instead to identify the best way to deliver an application anywhere in the world.” One of the enormous problems faced by logistic companies is latency. SD-WAN helps resolve this issue. If you are looking for ways to improve the productivity and operations of your logistics, connect with an SD-WAN provider to help you with the best connectivity solution.

SMOAD has driven the way for intelligent path selection for better signal strength and zero downtime. SMOAD SD-WAN solutions offer affordable supply chain management, ensuring the timely movement of goods. The Broadband and LTE option promises connectivity at all times. Critical traffic is moved to the primary link for priority over others. SMOAD SD-WAN is the most happening technology in manufacturing logistics.