SMOAD Networks

October 27, 2021

SMOAD multiple internet resources – Disaster management plan

Communication systems go for a six during natural disaster. When connectivity is crucial our networking systems depending on the national grid give way resulting in black out. Be it is the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina or the 11/9 attacks, the flaws in the communication systems were badly exposed. Both natural and manmade tragedies do happen and it is important to gear up our communication system to combat this challenge. Modern homes rely on Wifi connectivity for personal and official work. The Wifi at home is connected to a dozen devices weighing heavily on the bandwidth. Moreover, during a power outage your internet comes to an abrupt halt.

Power outages are common during natural disaster and one cannot expect to depend on wireless connectivity to stay in touch with the outside world. During such situations the only rescue could be 4G LTE links. It connects the user devices to the IP networks. Any application that uses IP communication can function on this connection. 4G LTE supports Multimedia Priority Services (MPS) and it helps in delivering high priority tasks even during network congestion.

The irony is that disasters do not come with an invitation and poor coverage and damaged infrastructure deprive the responders of emergency services. In situations like this multiple internet access resources is the only solution.

SMOAD Infrastructure offers the ideal solution for your business as they offer multiple accesses like DSL/Broadband, multiple 4G LTE, ILL or IP transport for high throughput without downtime.

Wireless WAN empowers your communication system with mesh network based Wireless LAN solutions to connect to remote locations without any snag. The SMOAD routers promise high-available access to the internet.

SMOAD network devices aggregate internet connections’ bandwidth to route traffic smartly. The devices are 5G ready offering latency to bring down the transmission time drastically.