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August 2, 2022

Why are organisations choosing SD-WAN for connectivity?

What are the significant five implications of this new age connectivity?

Most companies are adopting new technologies and software to upgrade their productivity and performance. Every company out there is in the middle of some digital transformation, and SD-WAN is the next most popular networking technology that is assisting businesses to transform and operate without any hindrance. SD-WAN is built on the SDN framework and a paradigm shift, thus leveraging the modern SDN technology and principles. The usage of SD-WAN routers is no new phenomenon anymore; most companies have started incorporating SD-WAN networking structures. Businesses can now add any number of new technologies or software to their base infrastructure and control their operation from a remote location through SD-WAN.

Significant Reasons Why Organisations are choosing SD-WAN
1) Better Performance
Network traffic is not created equally. If you have SD-WAN installed, you can use it to prioritise business-critical traffic and steer it through a more efficient route. This way, you can reduce packet loss, avoid latency issues and improve productivity.

2) Security
While SD-WAN helps improve customer satisfaction, it can put the entire organisation at risk. Most SD-WAN solutions come with in-built security and firewall features, but these are insufficient. To avoid cyber security issues, you must choose SD-WAN solutions with integrated security features like encryption, IPS, NGFW, and sandboxing functionalities that help prevent downtime, data loss, and legal liabilities.

3) Keeps Complexity at Bay
One of the significant advantages of SD-WAN is it is easy to use the feature. Adding new software or applications to the existing infrastructure would need the help of the IT team quite often. The IT team needs to optimise the centralised controller and don’t have to worry about visiting every location individually to deploy the application. With SD-WAN, this complexity can be avoided.

4) Enables Cloud usage
SD-WAN enables direct cloud access. So, instead of receiving application access through data centres, employees can now access applications directly from the cloud regardless of the location. SD-WAN can be configured to prioritise business-critical data, so even the cloud application performance can be improved with SD-WAN.

5) Reduces Cost
When you rely on traditional WAN or 4G routers, you may have to deal with the operating costs of the cloud-based applications that keep getting added to your core infrastructure. SD-WAN help reduces this Cost by leveraging low-cost local internet access, offering cloud access directly, and reducing the amount of traffic.

Why is it rightly called new-age technology?
Since SD-WAN is a new technology, here is how it is deployed and works. Here are a few facts you should know if you plan to use it for your business.

• It is not a Completely Zero-Touch Networking Solution.
SD-WAN offers more advanced network management, but that doesn’t mean it is a zero-touch solution. You must still involve your IT team in installing, deploying, and managing appliances. But if you have an excellent SD-WAN vendor, it is as good as plug n play!

• Post-deployment Assistance is required.
SD-WAN is not a one-time deployment solution. After deployment, you must constantly configure and manage it to accommodate new applications in the existing infrastructure. It is always best to retain a network management partner to handle this on your behalf.

• Performance of the underlay network is important.
SD-WAN improves network performance but does not solve the issues caused by multiple low-quality underlay connections. For excellent connectivity, even the underlay network connections must perform well.

• SD-WAN is not a Panacea for Security Problems
Another important feature we tend to forget is SD-WAN security features. You can use it as a platform to configure new security features. Still, it would be best if you did not consider it an individual security solution. Most SD-WAN solutions come with high-tech security functionalities. Still, you must not consider these features as a broader security solution.

• DIY Model
Since it is carrier-independent, switching network providers is easy. SD-WAN providers offer installation with an option for the clients to configure the devices and tools to meet their requirements. Despite the configuration of tools, regular management of the process is inevitable. Though on the negative side, when there is an issue, external help is limited.

Incorporating SD-WAN into your business can help you achieve several goals, including cost reduction, automation, and even flexibility in managing the network. Power up your business network system with SD-WAN and help your employees perform better. If you still aren’t sure about the benefits of using SD-WAN in your enterprise, then consult with your account manager or connect with a network solution partner to understand its features better.

SMOAD SD-WAN for new age business
SMOAD SD-WAN is a viable connectivity option for new-age businesses. It offers a centralised function to give complete access control of all branch or remote offices. It provides a high user experience by increasing performance and agility by minimising IT costs. With multiple connectivities cheaper than MPLS, it helps divert traffic intelligently.

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