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June 1, 2022

Keep your customers inside the store longer!

How important is good connectivity to keep your customers inside the store for a longer time?

Strong Internet connectivity is the key to running a store successfully. Due to extensive competition, adapting to new software, IoT technology, artificial intelligence, Chatbots, etc., have become a standard feature among retail store owners. POS, kiosks, Cashless Payment systems, and automatized Inventory management are some functions that deeply rely on solid network connectivity.

Gone are the days when people had to rely on a manual register to track down orders and manage inventory. Consumers have started upgrading to the latest technologies, and they would expect the same from stores they visit. To enhance the in-store experience, uninterrupted connectivity is the key.

The customer experience reaches a dead end with frequent outages. As per a recent survey report, if a point of sale (POS) system is down by even a minute, a business could suffer a loss of $4,700 on average. Besides the loss of revenue, one may have to deal with a decline in customer satisfaction, and a business may lose potential customers. Even a small outage can have a drastic impact on businesses and can quickly damage the store’s reputation.

How Does A Strong Network Communication System Help Your Business?

Stand out from the crowd, you need to be innovative if you want your business to stand out and stay ahead of all businesses. With better connectivity, you can incorporate numerous software and technologies to improve the consumer experience.

  • Use technology Efficiently
  • There are numerous software and smart technologies that can help you deliver an exceptional consumer experience. With a strong network connection in place, you can enjoy the freedom of being free from downtime.

  • Optimize Internet-based Software
  • You have to keep evolving and be better at what you offer to stay ahead of the competition. Everything, from CRM to inventory managing software, helps support easy business management. The applications have to keep evolving and improving if you want your business to excel. The growth of a business dies if there’s no space for innovation and evolvement. Hence, you must make sure that you choose a network infrastructure that caters to your current requirement and offers space for optimization.

Dependable Options to Enjoy Uninterrupted Network Connectivity

Retail Owners and business people need to be proactive when securing robust network connectivity. Here’s a list of reliable means to ensure smooth internet connections.

  1. Long Term Evolution (LTE) Router with Failover Cellular Network
  2. Instead of relying only on landline connections, businesses should invest in cellular failover solutions. Just like the functionality of a generator during power cuts, the failover cellular network kicks in when the primary source of connectivity snaps off. When a connection fails or experiences outages, the failover cellular network ensures to automatically switch to 3G or 4G LTE. Such connections promise 99.99% reliability, and the business can enjoy assured connectivity until the primary source revives.

  3. Separate Network for Consumers and Retailers to Secure Data
  4. According to the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, 60% of retailers experienced data breaches. Such situations can be avoided by investing in separate networks for customers and the point-of-sale system. This will allow the consumers to browse freely and enable marketing systems to send personalized offers to these consumers without putting their sensitive information at risk.

  5. BYON Solutions (Bring Your Own Network)
  6. Most retailers are adapting to the use of Kiosks for their business. 46% of retailers have stated their dependence on Kiosks for better sales. While Kiosks offer an omnichannel shopping experience, they lack fixed-line connectivity. This can be resolved by using the BYON solution since it utilizes the benefits of primary cellular connectivity.

Businesses depend on good connectivity to simplify operations and offer enhanced service to customers. With the aforementioned connectivity solutions, retailers can enjoy improved and uninterrupted sales. Choose a service provider who will help set up and maintain a strong connection for your business.

SMOAD for in-store experience
Retail store chains adhere to trends like cloud-first strategies, contactless technology, security compliance, Omni-channel agility, mobile applications, and online orders and payment.

The retail store chain has taken to multiple network technologies to address the diverse needs of the business. Retailers are constantly adding multiple technologies to cater to different environments, which can sustain the complex retail networks.