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May 18, 2022

WFH with our OFFICE IN A BOX, better than ever.

There’s no denying that working from home has become the new normal. This pandemic has made it crystal clear that most desk jobs can be carried out from the comfort of our homes. Most IT companies have started adjusting to the work-from-home culture, and around 48% of the working class prefers working from home even after the pandemic subsided. On that tone, most employees have adjusted to working remotely; companies have to reconsider and understand the issues they may have to face – it’s not just about team coordination and productivity; technology and work environment must also be assessed.

Though most of us may have successfully adapted to the work from home norm, security and connectivity still seem to be a significant concern from a technological perspective. IT needs to cater to the following features to upgrade technical deficiency:

  • Connect and collaborate with numerous remote offices online without hindrance.
  • Troubleshooting remotely and efficiently
  • Easy adaption of cloud and SaaS resources.
  • Top-notch cloud-delivered security system and enhanced malware protection.
  • Detection of new devices and applications connecting to the home office systems.
  • Effective control of access permission to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to recent studies and research, SD-WAN can help with these functionalities. Though high-speed office-like connectivity cannot be easily achieved at home, SD-WAN has made it possible.

Moving to a cloud-based security model (such as Secure Access Services Edge and zero-trust models) is recommended where security is concerned. Most companies have started embracing the Zero-trust and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Surveys have shown that these models can offer protection to more than a thousand remote systems at once.

According to the CTO of Earthlink, Leon Hounshell, companies must plan and create an “Office In A Box” that consists of essential components required for efficient work from home. His “office in a box idea” includes appliances, applications, and technologies to increase productivity and efficiency even if an individual is working from a remote location.

Critical Components of an “Office In A Box”:
Highly Reliable Connectivity
With so many laptops, cellphones, and smart devices connected to Wi-Fi, the internet will slow down at home. One of the best solutions is to have a mobile hotspot as a backup plan. But then again, you have to deal with security, data usage, and battery life challenges. Wireless failover is an effective connectivity solution that automatically connects over the mobile network when the primary source of internet fails or shuts down. When the direct connection is restored, it connects it back to the leading network. Since it is all set automatically, you will not have to seek help from your IT personnel every time your connectivity snaps off.

Wi-Fi Mesh Network
Wi-Fi signals can weaken significantly when it hits a dead zone. Using a Wi-Fi mesh network or extenders can help eradicate this problem. Instead of broadcasting signals from a single point, mesh router systems have multiple access points, and you can enjoy strong “office-like” Wi-Fi signals even at home.

Virtual Private Network
VPNs use an encrypted connection over the internet, ensuring data security when flowing from one device to another. VPN usage prevents unauthorized people or hackers from stealing or prying on crucial company data.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
Poor call quality or video clarity can be avoided by loading the employee laptops with VOIP solutions. The company must also choose a specific video-conferencing platform and stick to it while attending team meetings, ensuring that all employees are on the same page.

IT Access
Software crashes and application issues are bound to occur. Employees working from home may not be able to carry the laptops to the IT department every time they experience a software crash. Companies must include platforms on employee laptops to enable the IT team to service the systems even from a remote location.

You could also consider including Webcams, Microphones, and mobile phones in your “Office In a Box” kit. Helping your employees with an essential guide on using the components can help avoid confusion. Work from home has been made possible by technology. It can be made even more efficient and productive by assisting your employees in effectively connecting with co-workers, applications, and valuable information.

SMOAD Office in a Box edge solution
Imagine setting up your office in a day with your communication services up and running to take clients on the office’s inaugural day. The advantage of SMOAD box is umpteen, among them, the following are worth a mention:

  • Wireless WAN over aggregated 4G LTEs with Telco agnostic up to 3 SIM cards
  • Multi-level redundancy with seamless failover of links from one to another
  • High-speed wireless LAN up to 300Mbps with a comprehensive area coverage of 30 – 50 meters
  • Optional edge UPS for power backup for 4 hours
  • 1000mW high power with an external power amplifier
  • Integration of VoIP for domestic/global calling
  • Firewall securities like web content filtering, Mac binding, Intrusion detection/prevention system
  • Manageability and visibility from the central dashboard
  • Quick delivery and Plug & Play installation

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