SMOAD Networks

June 16, 2021

Technology and Work From Home Solutions

It’s almost 18 months into the Global Pandemic. The world is settling down to the new reality of WFH. Businesses and organizations are learning to convert this situation into an advantageous one on a war footing, by doing everything possible to make the remote workforce more productive. Technology has taken the cue and focus has shifted to making the remote workforce efficient by providing the right solutions for productive work from a remote location a.k.a. HOME! Professionals are working from home, students are studying from home…this has caused a landslide shift in the consumption of internet data. Demand has shifted to retail domestic internet usage and seamless, high speed connectivity at “HOME” is the need of the hour.

From the point of view of businesses and remote employees, what are the biggest challenges faced when the workforce is widely dispersed and not on location?

  • The very fact that the workforce is far away from HQ is the first big challenge. How do we make the “home” network as effective and reliable as the “office/corporate” network?
  • Employees on remote locations inevitably face connectivity issues. Technically a VPN to the corporate network might solve this, but VPN overheads? Not even close to being practical!
  • Lack of control/ monitoring capabilities when employees are working from home.
  • There is always a security concern, the threat of malware compromising sensitive data.
  • Non-compliance, not being able to adhere to HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR compliances
  • The complication of multiple vendors for different needs

One can keep adding to this list but the point of this article is more to discuss solutions rather than problems. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, ingenious solutions are available for problems such as these, that too, an all in one comprehensive solution from a single vendor like the WFH plans offered by SMOAD Networks. The VPN overheads challenge can be overcome with seamless redundant WAN connectivity through SMOAD. The solution includes the SMOAD BEETLE high speed router with 4G LTE SIM card with Data.

These solutions include choices from monthly WFH plans for people working from home. You get the advantage of advanced security features like ZTNA & IDS/IPS, Dual Network (4G + Broadband) aggregation for seamless connectivity, inbuilt firewall and security with centralized control features, cloud app prioritization for uninterrupted work, Content Filter to ensure nothing undesirable pops up on your screen. Link failover and load balancing through multiple WAN links (wired and LTE networks) ensures uninterrupted and secure connectivity (anywhere-even on vacation) keeping end-users happy.

State of the art services for employees working from home, that come with advanced infrastructure control and monitoring capabilities, replication of office policy control to WFH and seamless Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) keeps the company IT team happy.

The icing on the cake is that all this comes with easy plug and play! No complicated installations required. Every technology ever invented to make WFH a delightful experience comes together here!!