SMOAD Networks

November 15, 2021

Malware and Malicious attacks on the internet

The cloud environment has opened up boundaries and today businesses are not restricted within the four walls of their offices. Thanks to cloud applications, remote working is possible ensuring business continuity. Though one cannot do away with the threats that come with it, companies are moving onto the cloud to store critical data as it is economical, scalable and reliable. The financial and technical risks are higher with cloud technologies and here are some ways you can mitigate the threats with the help of SMOAD devices:

1. SMOAD devices facilitate remote management of devices with transparency to prevent unauthorized access. Centralized management helps in easy monitoring and controlling of events from the headquarters.
2. As your business expands you need something more than just speed and that is security, SMOAD networks fill this gap by establishing layer 2 virtual network over your broadband or 4G internet. Your data is encoded and transferred along with the data-link layer, thus offering seamless connectivity which is also highly reliable and secure.
3. SMOAD routers come with AES 256 bits security protocols to protect your Wi-fi connection from hackers.
4. SMOAD routers come with Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA) which is better than MD5 (Message Digest). It plays a crucial role in digital security and cryptography. The exchange between the router and cloud apps are secure with this authentication.
5. SMOAD routers come with an inbuilt Firewall and Security, content filter, cloud app prioritization, intrusion detecting and preventing for best network security.

Shifting to a cloud environment for improved scalability and flexibility of your business can turn into a nightmare if the security issues are not addressed appropriately. The use of reliable networking solutions from SMOAD can plug the gaps in your network and save your business from security vulnerabilities. SMOAD believes in security best practices and proactively seal the leaks without waiting for a mishap to happen! You can work from anywhere, securely with SMOAD.